untitled nude seeking critique

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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Alberto Quintal
John, always great shots, lovely

John Peri
Thanks LandS, I think that contrast was necessary in order to compensate for the otherwise audacious pose. I think she pulls it off well, not easy to look graceful in that manner.

Light& Shadow
Nice contrast between the boldness of the pose and the shyness of the covered face. Nicely done.

Michael Meneklis
I agree with you John . The grey tones are very nice and soft.Friendly Michael.

Philippe Carly
Same couch as in Zs 742, but I think here the "tired" back cushions add to the photo as they are bending under her, while in Zs 742 they are just being " flappy " behind the model. The composition is also more interesting here, the L shape of the couch making an " arrow " pointing to the model, while in Zs 742, a part of the couch just " disappears " "on the right. Hey, but that's MHO... I surely am no artist... And probably somebody's layman ! Just kidding ! WELL DONE !

John Peri
Philippe thanks, and of course I understand the laymen nonsense bit, but what do you want to answer to someone that asks a question like that ... it's like saying I don't like this dish, I know nothing about cooking but tell me why you made it anyway!

pepe alias boulette
compliment amazing inert mood - excellent done...

John Peri
Nude figure on couch .

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