Lib's First Lipstick and Makeup Kit

by Kelly Landrum

libs first lipstick and makeup kit seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Thursday 28th of December 2006 01:15:45 AM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Don't you just love girls :) (Not that I don't love my 5 boys :) But I must admit, I still haven't given up on a grand-daughter :) I guess because I am a "girl", I feel I can relate to girls better. Boys are fun, but..... make-up & lipstick usually don't interest them seriously :) They would probably use it to paint the wall or something else, Indian war paint, tattoos? :) You get my drift. Lanny- She's a living doll. Love the red hair & the beautiful eyes! Our daughter will be 30 on New Year's day. I find myself wishing she were 4 again :), but.... I wonder if at my age I'd be able to survive the trip again :)

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Jayme. This is the daughter of my thirty-year-old daughter Anne, the one whose hair is almost black like her mother's and mine [used to be]. The red hair in this case likely came from the father's side. My other daughter has light-brown hair. So I had only girls, and you had one daughter, but only five boys as grandkids? I do have a grandson, the five-year-old brother of the beauty shown here. Until he arrived, even all the pets in the family were female. Sure is nice to share all this photographic knowledge. . . . --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, guys. She's definitely a cutie, and I think that she's already figured that out. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Pnina. I hope that it is beautiful and tranquil there in Israel today. --Lannie

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Lannie Our oldest grandson is 9. He's such a cutie :) We're always teasing each other. I tell him, "Girls rule, boys drool" :) Of course he explains seriously that the reverse is the truth. Little does he know that in just a few short years, 'Girls will rule" :) Aren't genetics great! I love red hair! You always want what you don't have! We've got a wide range, from dark brown, to sandy blonde's, to bright white blonde's! Maybe the new one will have red hair :) Red hair does run in my family, I have a brother with red hair & dark skin (strange mix). Usually red heads are really fair. Genetics again! My father was of Irish descent, so anything is possible :) My mother is a strange mix. She has one blue eye & one brown eye! She always tells everyone it's a sign of insanity :) Until our daughter adopted a new female dog (Cupcake) for herself, we had "all" male pets :) Maybe that's the key! We need more female pets!!! I keep telling our husband we need a dog (he's not listening)! Thanks for the info. I've seen those converters on eBay, but figured they wouldn't work. I have several Nikon lens lying around that I used on the FM. I can't believe you're selling your FM!!! :) I just can't do it yet! Geez... it cost somewhere around 350.00 in 1979. That was lots of money! Getting that little focusing circle to line up was always a treat! I use to walk around with a little spiral notebook, writing down my settings on each photo. Was I a geek or what? :) Drove my husband crazy! (Short trip!) When I bought my first Canon digital, I was amazed to find the "File Info" place in PS. Was I thrilled? Oh yea! So, I retired the notebook :) Have a happy & safe New Year!

Pnina Evental
What a cutie Lannie, I'm Green (jealous...;-)) I have 5 !! grandchildren boys, and my chances for such a nice cutie is nearly Zero! my 5th one is 3 months old and is the third boy of my son... and I was told that the " factory" is closed My daughter closed hers as well... LOL It is a very nice photo Lannie. Best wishes for the coming new year to you and your family.

Landrum Kelly
Jayme, my first SLR (the Miranda that I shot early photos of my daughters with) was stolen in 1981, and the event was so traumatic that I vowed never to become emotionally involved with another camera, and I have kept that vow. "Did I crumble? Did you think I'd lay down and die? Oh no, not I. I will survive." The Nikon FM is a goner this time. I have yanked it twice previously just before the auction closed. This time I am going to go through with it. I will not stop because of a few tears, no, no, not I. I will survive. Ah, cameras! --Lannie

W J Gibson
cutie Happy New Year

Jan Piller
Wow!! It's a little teeny Bette Davis - with those Bette Davis eyes! She's likely been told that before with no clue of who Bette Davis is!! Very pretty photo!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Dear Prina- We are in a similar boat, 5 grand-boys :) I fear my chances have grown to near nil of a granddaughter. I am envious of Lannie's little character :) Dear Lannie- :) Yanked it twice, LOL. I got rid of some pretty neat stuff at my garage sale, it "was" traumatic :) I am over it now, maybe! But the FM, hum.....not yet! :)

Landrum Kelly
Hmm, Bill. . . . Maybe I should pull it the third time. . . but I won't. I'll have to let it go. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Well, Jayme, I darn near cried when my old Miranda with a 50mm f/1.4 was stolen, but I have never really used the Nikon FM. Yesterday I, uh, did up the starting bid price from $90 to $200. Couldn't help myself. It is my last Nikon body. --Lannie

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY

W J Gibson
My Nikon FM is the camera I talked my late father into buying when he retired. I think I will keep it to the bitter end. One feature of it is the AI tab switch. You can use the FM with AI and also non-AI lenses, something you should emphasize in the sale note. Lots of old non-AIlenses can be had for a song. They also work on ye olde F2 bodies.

Landrum Kelly
Muchisimas gracias, Rosa, pero mi espanyol no es tan bueno. --Lannie

Rosa Maria González de romero
Hola Lannie. Otra maravilla de foto y una belleza de nena ,nuevamente felicidades y te felicito por tu buenisimo espaniol, saludos.

Jim McConnell
She`s a real beauty Lannie, very good shot.

Mujahid Awais
Excellent B E A U T I F U L .

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, guys. She was playing with the lipstick and fingernail polish kit I bought her last Christmas. --Lannie

Carlos H.
lovely... She photographs well, comfortable with the camera.

Patsy Dunn
Lannie, She is a little doll. Beautiful shot, beautiful little girl. Well done, Patsy

David Rabinowitz

i see what you mean, a charmer as well....David

Landrum Kelly
Lib's First Lipstick and Makeup Kit Libby had to try the new red lipstick and nail polish. . . .


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