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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 27th of December 2006 03:55:45 PM


Daniel Burns
lovely model, style and pose very natural. cheers Daniel

John Peri
Alan thanks, but it wasn't posed, which is what I find interesting about it. Actually, I think she was checking out the number before calling on another cell phone, don't really know. It was a private moment, but she did not object to me capturing it and I sent her the photo.

Alberto Quintal
Super and the colors fit very well, john Regards. Alberto

Rob Scott
John, Your photography is so much more refined than mine, and most on this site, that my comments are almost "carping." This young lady has shown herself to be a beautiful subject, in the past, and will undoubtly do so in the future. Happy New Year. Rob

Alan Willis
phones This in an interesting comment on youth these days... she's on not one, but two, cell phones simoultanously! Talking on one, apparently either checking a message or texting on the other. It suggests to me that nothing--not even finishing dressing--can get in the way of a couple of phone calls. Very well posed, one of my favorites in your collection.

Rob Scott
John Wonderful model, but I think there's too much tension in the photo. She's not your usual relaxed, contemplative, pose. I agree with others that it's nice to see the blue phase past. R

Robert Gordon
Glad to see the Moody Blues are gone--at least for now.

John Peri
Well Robert, she was on the phone .. communicating with the "outside" .. as for the blue phase being passed, hum, not so sure ... :-)

John Larson
Besides the Beauty of the model, color and lighting of the photo. I like the casualness of the pose.

Michael Meneklis
Natural, cool, nice lighting and beautiful girl. Well done John.

violet harlow
confused she looks a little too young. i feel uncomfortable by that.

John Peri
Violet, please be assured there is no young lady in this portfolio that is undressed and not an adult. Some people are old and look young, and vice versa. The feelings they incite in each of us are personal, I agree, as long as they don't convey any moral judgment to others.

Bodyline Photos
Interesting that someone should find this shot to tense. probably her head was raised slightly to read the number when you pressed the shutter, which I agree adds a little tension to her overall shape. But to me this is a great spontaneous image. Fawn couch, brunette, tan nylons very nice John

John Peri
A few moments' relaxation .. .. in between shots ..

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