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by Peri John

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Gallery: The loneliness of a big city ... ( New York and other places ..)

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Published: Wednesday 27th of December 2006 12:25:10 PM


Bob Kurt
Photo of the week!

Light& Shadow
John She has that first thing in the morning "is it really that early" look. The infocus background dosn't bother me here, however the out of focus foreground does. Since you are at f16-f22 you might try focusing on the subject then bringing the focal point back to catch the foreground and have the entire frame in focus giving the viewer the perspective of standing across from her. Best regards, LandS

Alberto Quintal
Great! Alberto

John Peri
Thank you Alan I guess it's part of the message, youth, glamour and the reality of another day filled with duties ... life goes on.

John Peri
Many thanks for the interesting comment and point of view Lands. Actually, the foreground was in focus, but i felt it was just a little too much, and I cheated a bit here .. ha ha, but her expression and the orange juice are genuine !

violet harlow
thumbs up love the nude as commentary. using the billboard in the background just added another level of interpretation.

Harvey King
moment of daze? it seems as if she just had an intensive lesson and you caught her in that split second of daze. What kind of light did you use? was it just a flash reflect off a white wall? Since you are using a flash/strobe anyway, have you consider to step down the f/stop a bit to reduce the DOF? Again, these are just otherwise minor mechanical details. Harv

Alan Willis
I love the juxtopositioning of the different images around the model... the bilboard outside and the baby photo on the left, very nice.

John Peri
I thought you were going to say I know the picture on the wall, now that would have been a little more troublemsome!

Robi Alexander
I somehow know the picture in the window......

John Peri
Now that's an interesting comment Harvey, thank you. I do indeed use a flash bounced off the wall. More often than not, unless I am taking portraiture, I keep things around in focus though, so as to underline the presence of a person isolated in a room. This is part of the message, particularly in this case.

John Peri
Another day begins .. a continuing essay on life in a big city ...

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