Plaque. Harold Holt Swimming Pool (the pool is a memorial to Prime Minister Holt, who drowned while swimming in the ocean, December 17, 1967)

by Greenspun Philip

plaque harold holt swimming pool the is a me greenspun philip

Gallery: Sydney, Australia

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Published: Tuesday 25th of July 2000 11:12:53 PM


Noel Evans
Plaque Not sure if it is the way it is intended to be but the words are cropped.

Joy Bhowmik
About your photo... Were you trying to memorialize the incident on film too? I do not see any added significance to capturing the plaque on film. Perhaps you can explain?

Geoff Mower
I know I'm a bit late coming to this, but I had to add: The Victorian Govt can be a little insensitive. In Melbourne they have a statue of Burke and Wills, explorers who died of thirst in the outback, placed at the top of a spectacular water feature!

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