Entrance of dragon

by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

entrance of dragon horse arabian nikon d mm f af ed ent kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: horse arabian nikon d200 dragon nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed entrance seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Thursday 21st of December 2006 11:24:35 PM


David Bridge
Absolutely fantastic action shot. Lovin it. Like what you've done with the tone too Dave

David Amerion
Very nice and beautiful.

Carlos Cass
congratulations, great shot...

Vítor Ribeiro
Simply fantastic!!!!

Vallery B
wow 7/7 I am speechless.. vallery

andrew brown
What a wonderful picture.

Steven Johnson
WoW!! Great action capture! Nice job!

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice photo. Merry Christmas! Jitka

Dariusz Nowicki
wszedzie na topie

Nek Maniatis
Bravo!! Excellent picture.I see the power here. Keep shooting.

ali sangari
ali sangari Very nice action shot.it sounds power!

Jarek Grudzinski
7/7 Absolutely stunning! Congratulations.

Dean Agar
Just wonderful. Not a lot more I can add.

Okan Metin
Hi Wojtek Great capture..excellent... Best regards..

Chuck Babbitt
Great action shot. Very dynamic capture of the power of the animal. Bravo!

Birte Ragland
7/7 Excellent photography.

Scott Merrell
Strong, Great shot!!

Edward Horn
These are simply the best horse pictures I have ever seen. You should come to the US to do commissions for thoroughbred owners. You would be in great demand.

Rich Evans
Wojtek - Your images never fail to amaze. I keep coming back to them time after time. It doesn't matter to me how they were post-processed, I've done a fair amount of equestrian photography and know first-hand how much patience it takes along with an intimate knowledge of the animals and their behavior to even get images good enough to start with, without any manipulation. You just continue to take it to a whole other realm. Excellent my friend - I applaud your work - please continue. --Rich PS - do you happen to make calendars with these images? RJE

Wendy de Kok
^o^ Great action shot! Very nice details and very good color. Thanks for sharing!

James Haselhofer
One of the better horse action shots I've seen. Great Job. James

John R. Math
Masterpiece This is a masterpiece and a 7/7. Inspiring photography for all of us! Thank you. John Math

Flavio Lo Scalzo
Beautiful! Congratulations!

Jim Kerr
Hello Wojtek, You have shown once again, that you are, without a doubt, the #1 "Horses in Action" photographer in the world today......I very much appreciate seeing your great photographs on here......Jim

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful shot and tonalities, congratulations 7/7

Dieter Schaefer
Stunning display of power and dynamics, perfectly captured.

Antonio Díaz
Mis felicitaciones por tan gran imagen

Bilal Zaheer
Awesome. there is a little more room for a bit extra contrast and sharpness if you wanted to.

Vittorio Pellazza
Spectacular shot! Conratulations! 7/7

Elisabetta Di Rosa Tomei
Masterpiece This is a true masterpiece of photography.

Carole Hibbert
Wojtek, are you truly aware of the talent that you possess? You don't share much in the way of words, you simply display your work and we are fortunate to witness it. I have shown your work to friends - usually their mouths drop open! Rgds Carole

Sonja Rasche
Increadible I love it. Sonja

Fabian Graham
definitely one of the best photos i have ever seen......respect!

José Reynaldo da Fonseca
Uaaauuuuu...! Good... very good!

Emad abdulmotaleb

Roman Lucian

Miriana .

Hugh Hill
Wojtek - Technically I see nothing that maybe defined as a flaw here. The colour is so evenly balanced that one could be mistaken in thinking that it has been removed completely. As for the mood, there seems to be such raw energy and yet over toned with such beautiful sadness. Compliments on another great work. Hugh

Chris Best

Penny Fillingham
Wow I love the movement grace and strength of this, you've beautifully captured the characteristics of the Arab.

Brian Denz
masterfully captured,it's beautiful.

Antonio Da Re
Congratulations on your portfolio, it is very beautiful. I entered your photo in my new photoblog, tell me if you are okay. thank you. Antonio Da Re http://web.mac.com/dareantonio

Aneta Badziag
hej fantastyczne, przepiekne fotografie!

Chris Hanessian
Awesome photograph! Would also make a great painting.

Juan Sixto
Excelente.Mi más sincera enhorabuena.Un saludo

Sāleh Zangāneh
Hi Wojtek Wow !!! Wonderful photograph !!! A masterpiece and great artwork. I like it indeed. I like its composition, tones and contrast. Everything about it is really excellent. I added it to my to my favorite photos. 7/7... Best regards to you Wojtek

sue tye
Fantastic shot! Sue

Marta Gacimartín
Amazing!!! It´s great!!!! I like it so much!!!

B Kralj
Bravo Excellent, his soul is in your photo

Randal Antonishak
WOW!!! Very strong/powerful image... These are some of the best horse images I have ever seen... 7/7

Salvatore De Marco
This is a masterpiece

Mandi Korn
Your Work

Your work reminds me of the work of a great painter....the details, tones, movement and the capture of the perfect moment, is flawless.....Bravo!!!

Tomek Gooseberry
most dynamic!

Wish the horse was foaming at the mouth, but even without it, all 100+ '7s' are well deserved.  With such a fast action, I'd imagine you shoot in a high speed mode and only a fraction of frames turn out to be keepers.  What's your average "hit rate"?

Igor Leonidovich Mestman

Thumbs up.

Walton Whittaker
Equine art

Awesome, awesome, awesome-- one of the best portraits ever! What a fantastic shot.  Superb!


Tom Mullenaux

Holy cow this gives me goosebumps!

Ibrahim Ahmed

Fantastic. Well Done



Ewa Nartowska


Wojtek Kwiatkowski
... Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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