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Published: Thursday 21st of December 2006 04:06:45 PM


Bobby Lewis
While I understand the previous criticisms I really like the image and that includes the background. I don't really find it distracting and I like that its not so consciously balanced. But more importantly... Gorgeous tones... Spectacular model.

Glenn Norris
After seeing the different crops and comparing to the original, I believe it is the presence of the extra lines in the wall and the diagonal of the models lower leg that gives the original crop a solid visual base. The crop at the left gives the impression of someone with too much weight on her shoulders and the crop at the right does not warrant mentioning as a viable alternative. Very interesting study here!

Jeff H
John I love the photo. I agree with you about the background photos, having her displayed in the back might be a bit redundant. The model is beautiful, great body and her pose is classic. The look on her face is that of confidence, that of with herself and with her photographer. You've captured another fantastic shot! Kudos!

John Peri
Thank you Frank, she deserves every word of praise. She is a true artist in every sense. The specific mention of her was made on this occasion because she did the montage and not I though, (big smile) she may have been inspired partly by some of the work that I have posted in the past. However, be assured that whereas I do not mention it every time, most of my models follow these threads when it concerns themselves. I have it as a pre-requisite always to introduce my page on PN to a model before photographing her. That is why I am sometimes disturbed when personal comments are made that have nothing to do with the critique of a photograph and which have no place anyway in a serious photo discussion group such as ours. Many thanks for passing by and Happy Christmas. John

Jack Floyd
Okay, my suggestion for the next shot Lose the pic on the left, move model a little left, crop to above knees, or show her full length, show all of pic on right

John Peri
Interesting to read such a critical and analytical response. Thank you. Admittedly, I don't agree with any of the points raised, but that does not render them any less worthwile or interesting. The model beheaded on the left seems quite acceptable to me. To have the face appear three times would seem to me excessive. Moreover, I like the crop and have already thought of including it in my file composed of faceless body parts. As for the positioning of the model with respect to the background, I think it would be more of a cliche to place her in between the two frames, which may appear as an obvious alternative. As is, I find it both subtle and clever. Overall, I am very impressed by this rendering but most certainly agree that one can often though not necessarily always improve on art. If one attempts to follow to many rules (hate the word), then one can end up with something lifeless and which does not reflect the personality of the author or the message that one wishes to convey. It's those little nuances that so often give character to an image. As far as I know, Patsy is not a member of this site. Maybe she can take out a membership so to give us her views? My opinion, alike yours, is just another one. It would be interesting to have hers.

Michael Sebastian
wow She is lovely, as is your depiction of her. She has a spectacularly good "figure". At the risk of being indelicate, it appears that certain nether regions have been photoshopped as there is not there the expected level of, er, detail visible. Makes her look a bit like Barbie. I like this shot John.

John Peri
Michael, I don't know, I would have to go look at the original, but I think that is rather irrelevant. I consider this closer to a piece of graphic art. Anyway, I have a new file. I replaced it.

John Peri
The model sent me these in response to some of the comments and suggestions made, but franky I prefer the original.

John Peri
Michael thank you, Jonathan also for your diverging views. All the interest in posting on such a site is in being able to examine the subject from such different perspectives. Personally, I would favour Jonathan's description of boldness, rather than Michael's claim of self assureness. Nevertheless, a certain amount of both is probably necessary in order to express such profound artistic honesty in front of the camera. In either case, she pulls it off with elegance and grace, and her composition likewise is audacious and fine work. .

Basil S.
I see an alternate nuance. Typically, it is the artist who present themselves in person and through their work in a gallery opening. The subversion here is that it is the model who is (deservedly) front and center taking center stage from the "artist." Nicely done both of you! I could go either way with the knee crop. The picture on the left is very classic and really gives the impression of being in a gallery, crop and all. The one on the right might be more effective/subtle if the whole figure were shown. Initially, I thought reversing it to loose the second face would be better, but upon reflection, seeing the face reveals the identity of the model in the gallery images - thus making the real impact of the whole. Without seeing her face in one of the images, it would be little more than a voyeur shot in an exhibition. hmmm - exhibitionism at the exhibition. That works too. On a purely personal note to the model/student: where were the Art majors like you when I was in school? Seriously - this is pretty good. Basil

John Peri
She will follow this page, so please address your remarks equally to to her on this occasion.

Michael Meneklis
Provocative portrait... The light, details and grey tones are perfect. I think that Wolf is right about cropping. I do not like her pose because she looks like feeling some kind of superiority, but that's a matter of proof not just a matter of style. The next time try to centralize on her breast, this is the best. Finally it's an excellent shot because you know how to take what you want being always the master of the game...Friendly Michael.

John Peri
Thank you Glenn. Thanks to all from the model too that followed this disucssion with a lot of interest and exchanged her views with me by mail.

Kim Slonaker
I thought I would prefer the crop above the knees until I saw it and now prefer the original, too. It's something about the positioning of the legs below the knees that gives some kind of balance to the shot and adds interest, imo.

John Peri
Thanks Mel. I think it is pride that she expresses the most strongly in this photo, and I am proud of her too. She always succeeds in making her images glow with beauty and elegance. But the matter in question here is this picture that she has produced, and I feel that it expresses yet another dimension of herself through her work. As the photographer I admittedly find this fascinating. It is rare to have a model that is an artist in her own right, and I feel that this is reflected as much in her poses as in her other creations such as this. Standing there, I feel that she is presenting and reflecting on her works and her dual role, which in fact she is doing for the purpose of this image.

Light& Shadow
This is an outstanding image, the model and photographer both do amazing work. The crop at the knee isn't my favorite. IMHO bringing the main image a little more to the forfront bringing the crop to the lower thigh and partially obstructing the view of the third image would work better. Cheers to you both. Best regards, LandS

Alon Eshel
Excellent composition , I love this one

John Peri
That's nicely put Chris, thank you.

chocolate jack
I really like this pose. Great tone. There appears no pretense about the model, and the scene's capture is spontaneous in "what you see is what you get." Usually I crop above the knee, but I am not the author of this image and therefore wasn't there to interpret the scene to be presented. So, I agree with Dickey's comment re spontanaity. Personally, I think 'to crop could lose the spontanaity.' The background is well done - it doesn't detract from the main subject, rather it compliments who the model is and keeps my attention on her. I've photographed a similar looking model and found that this 'below the knee' shot actually favours this body shape - it might break rules, but heh, it works ! well done to the both of you...Geof

Jonathan Charles
Another option I agree with Glenn, but another option is to re-balance by adjusting the background brightness ... Best wishes to you both, Jonathan

Jerome Dausman
Extra set of eyes Actually, I find the photo on the right to be more distracting. I find my eyes wandering over to the second pair of eyes in the picture. IMHO the picture on the left works better with the head cut off. If you wanted a different mood you could load the background with multiple pictures, all staring at the viewer, and the model looking elsewhere. It would creep me out. Great picture, great model.

John Peri
Interesting to see so many diverging views over the same image. I hope that the model/author that created this composite is following this.

C. Daunis
John, truly a beautiful piece. Of course she's lovely, but her contribution is equally beautiful. She's composed this as if she's the statue amidst your other works of art. My sincerest compliments to you both.

Mel Dickey
Works to be Marveled (Superiority??) Please forgive me John, I had to just shake my head in laughter over that statement. Self-awareness, Confidence in her beauty and sensuality allowing her the free spirited freedom of expressing herself, is what I see and why not? One only has to look to see her beauty and the ambience it brings to the image. Is the image provocative? Yes in the sense it has brought forth stimulating discussions. (True Art) Is it Bold? Yes her free spirit to not only express herself but to expose herself to the world is fearless. Bravo to her for sharing with us! I understand that one can argue on details and that one detail can make a good photograph great, however it is also what can make a photograph stale (Lacking originality or spontaneity; no longer new) leading to the same old boring images one can find over and over on the net. This image has life to it from the models free spirit which is captured well here and shown by the atmosphere of running around the room ,the background images help set that mood without becoming the subject nor the focal point, even though I assume both are her?. Cropping also would take away from that free spirit and make her the sole focal point taking away the message within the image. Again Bravo to both you and your beautiful student/model for a great piece of work.

Colin D
Your pretty model's expression compliments her natural looking beautiful pose perfectly. I would prefer the image with her standing in front of a blank area of the wall with a painting to the side of her. But i am a fan of your work, you are one of the standouts on this site and now i am a fan of this woman as well :)

Antanas Strazdas
Very very good mood. I like this shot. 7/7

John Peri
Wolf, I tried it, I think you made be right. She will read this.

Alessandro Della Casa
Great light, Pose and background. I would have cut model's legs a little higher. greetings from Italy Alessandro

John Peri
That's exactly what I think too Kim, thank you. It looks kind of incomplete as re-done just above.

Frank Kinser
Wow. Mention that the model will be following the threads and you get an enormous amount of response. Of course John tends to get a considerable amount of responses on his prolific works regardless. Good work on this one. I like the placement of her in the scene along with the choice of the background pieces. Her expression is very good, I can't quite describe what I like about it, it's just sort of expressionless Mona Lisa look for lack of a better description. Her body is exudes youthful beauty. She has perfectly sculpted breasts and hips. I think that cropping the image just above the base board might suit _my_ tastes better. As usual, outstanding work.

Mikhail Labovsky
This is a very nice photo, the model is very promissing. As allways there is a room for improvements: since the background is in focus, the vertical frame of the background picture doesn't look good, the model on this picture is beheaded, and in general, the positioning of the model relative to the background wasn't well thought through.

Jonathan Charles
Bold I love the boldness and self awareness of the pose balanced by her lightly diffidant expression. I agree with Wolf's comment on the crop but otherwise I think the composition works very well, especially when you notice that she is also the subject of the picture on the wall (I also like the headless Modigliani-style shot). Great teamwork. Best wishes, Jonathan

Ian Verve
wonderful simple but eye catching I for one like the addition of the pictures in the backgound, even better it being the model herself in them. Are the pictures in the background posted here in photo.net ? great work

Robert Gonzalez
Whats all the fuss? It seems boring to me. Just a nude figure posing with other nudes of her in the background. Same old thing over and over again.

Mauricio Cancino Moreno
Absolutamente bello!

John Peri
Fine Arts major Whereas I did take the photos in complicity with her, the composition, montage and final print was made entirely by the model who is a Fine Arts major that works in Broklyn, NY. Occasionally, she has come up with truly amazing multi-coloured variations of my works and her own. I hope that she will expose her own original contibutions one day.

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