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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 21st of December 2006 01:08:01 AM


Robert Gordon
You are right. Brings back a memory from 1971. Wonder where she is now? The concert was wonderful!

John Peri
Yes Michael, I did try a vertical shot too, but unfortunately her hair was not interested in me at that moment and anyway, I think one gets a better impression of the bathroom like this... !

Eduardo Hugo
The TV and the sink distracts me a little bit. Otherwise a very natural moment.

Michael Sebastian
hubba John, I do not think it would be possible to make this model look bad in a photograph. She is that lovely. As a slice-of-life shot this works very well. As you pointed out elsewhere, you took the shot you had available. I might have gone with a vertical orientation, though, since filling the frame with her can't be wrong. :) Happy holidays!

Alberto Quintal
Great shot! Great, John, Happy Holidays and super 2007! Alberto

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, The joy of simplicity.

Al Li
I love these moments, so natural and so real.

Artur Cansino
Lovely shot John...I personally have always enjoyed shooting in the bathroom. Really like the idea of the moment. Artur

Tanya Truong
Love the natural feel of this photo. John! you are the master of "capturing the...spontanous moment". The flowing hair adds playfulness to the photo. BTW, what is it in between her inside lips (vertically positioned?). Happy Holidays to you and yours, Tanya.

Thomas Collins
Spontaneous is just the right word to describe this image John. Very well done indeed. Just brings the Christmas spirit right out of me. Or at least the desire to wash my hair. :-)

Alon Eshel
What a wonderful scene . Very interesting atmosphere created by the blue tone , wall and metal door , Something crazy :). It's funny . She is using an hair dryer that is a object that creates HOT , but due to the blue tone the feeling is the opposite :)

Alec Ee
She looks so cool. Nicely done John

Isaac Madera
great work as usual john

Arthur Baas
Wwwow!! Superb master Peri.

Salvador Penaloza
Here the angel again ! Mr, Peri great shot and moment, but your model is really an angel, congratulations to her, BRAVISIMO Se´┐Żor ! P.S. I have the same TV at home.

Michael Meneklis
Very nice shot of the beauty in the next door. Michael.

John Peri
Those little moments that flash by .. and you remember for such a long time afterwards ...

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