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Gallery: The Kids II

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Published: Wednesday 20th of December 2006 10:33:46 AM


Stefanie Williams
How did you get the color to look like that! It is beautiful. When I looked and saw the way the boy was holding the bow, I thought, 'that is why he went far away from everyone to be alone, to learn.' What a fabulous portrait.

Sergio Fabbri
7/7 Magic!

Sally Delacruz

Jitka Unverdorben
Hi. Very nice photo. Jitka

Rina H
I like most of your work. But here I think you have exagerated with the saturation of the colours. It looks too artificial.

Sasho Alushevski
I envy you :-)) another beauty...

David Robinson
Syrupy is not an adjective I would want applied to my work...

Igor Rusinov
Too much Photoshop. I'm not against digital manipulation, but here it does not work imo.

Ali Bagherzadeh
7/7 So Beautiful
Best Regards

Amar Khoday
Splendid light and setting.

Dieter Hoffman
Love the colors I love what you have done with the colors. In fact without the correction, it would be rather mundane. I could do without the modern bike,perhaps a old retro bike on its side?

Janis OKelley
I understand what is said above about the saturation, but...if dreamlike was what you were going for you achieved it! I think it is a wonderful shot with all the saturation or without it. I do have to agree that he is not holding the violin correctly, but that doesn't seem to bother me. I think it is fantastic!! Enjoyed it!

Michael Raddatz
I agree with Rina. Particularly the main subject.

José Ernesto Ortiz Razo
Very nice!!!Congrats and greetings from Mexico.

Pawel Sawicki
There is somethig unreal with the colours. Too much paint. Beautiful simple poetic scene, but too close to a candy.

selim aksan
Magical light... No word to say. Excellent.

Bjørn-Tore Rekve Seim
Lovely rural setting in this image with few, but good elements nicely composed, light and colours are also exellent, great work :)

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Great light and mood! Well done!

Robert Hall
How did you do this I would love to know how you got this image to be as it is!

Glenn Norris
This is another wonderful piece from you! I feel the same about the saturations on this one though... the fact that the boy is actually not holding the violin correctly kind of throws things off a little too. Very beautifully done though.

NataLi BurduLi
woooooow can you tell me how you do colours like this and like in all your gallery photos? :) it's incradible..really..you are one of my favourites on this site :)

Marc Adamus
"I think you have exagerated with the saturation of the colours. It looks too artificial". It's not just the colors. The entire image is extremely artificial. Much more an artistic creation in photoshop than a documentary-style capture, but does it matter? Guess it just depends on what you want to see. Almost all your work looks very artificial and very fantastical but all of it is beautiful art that not only works in the aesthetic, but is also emotional and evocative.

Pang-Dian Fan
I really do enjoy many of your postings as beautiful pieces of photographic/digital artwork. This one seems too artificial on a number of levels. I think that the PS effects are overdone here. In addition, the boy's chin is on the wrong side of the violin and his grip on the bow is ham-fisted. With no violin case in sight, I could not help wondering how he was able to keep his violin and bow intact while riding his bike through the fields. In the end, these details give the photo a very staged appearance.

Gibran Malik
Bang,itu modelnya bisa main biola nggak???Cara megangnya salah deh "kayaknya"!!!Tapi foto ini keren banget!!!!Keren lo bang!!!

Harmeet Singh
Great I have loved all your images.This is exceptionally beautiful. What wonders me is how you create such beautiful lighting??Is it all original or some SW or PS work??I am amazed by the colors and tones.. Regards Harmeet

Jeny Plante
7/7 You know I am your fan ! I love you work !

Jan Subakti
Excellent,turut bangga Mas Rarindra ! ide-idenya selalu baru salam Sukses. Sukarjan Tri Subakti

Jong-Ho Kim




Daniel Hristescu
Hello Rarindra

Special and spectacular all your composition with your fabulous light .


Regards Dan

Rarindra Prakarsa
Sound of Silence Tank you, terima kasih. I love you.

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