Alexis 6

by Keller Alejandro

alexis seeking critique keller alejandro

Gallery: Alexis, the dancer

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Category: Journalism

Published: Wednesday 20th of December 2006 09:29:22 AM


David Cochran
Great Series Alejandro, this is a very compelling image. I encourage you to keep shooting this dancer, you have a great subject to pursue here. It is in the great documentary tradition. Add some words, stories and you may have a great photo book. paz

Alon Eshel
Very nice portrait , Very natural

David Cochran
Hi Alejandro. Things are going good. I will send you an email with details. paz

Alejandro Keller
BTW, David, how are things going? Good to read you again...

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Frank, thanks Alon I am happy you are enjoying the series. There will be more images (soon, I hope).

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Evita, I completelly forgot about that presentation stuff. Good that you had it in mind... Today I received my new photographic paper, so I have no further excuses (other that I am starting my holidays tomorrow ;-)). Promise I'll do more next year. Happy holidays everybody.

Alejandro Keller
thanks, Neil and David I actually have much more images of Alexis and plan to keep posting them here. It just will take me a little long, because I want to do the whole series in the traditional darkroom (just the first image of the series is still a negative scan). David, it is part of my plan to do what you are saying (add text and a story) but I first need to put the images together to put some order in my mind... don't know, it is bad that PN will not let you change the text of the critiques request after submitting the image. I may repost the images latter on, or maybe I'll just add the text to image caption (will that work?). Neil, I am posting an image for you. You know, Switzerland like most countries in Europe has small rooms. I was already using a 25mm lens for this and could not get further away. No way I could have included more... I did thought of doing this image as a diptych. But, since it would be the only diptych of the series, I forgot the idea afterwards... This is a full frame image. The hair does not really bothers me. Actually, I kind of like it because to me it makes him fill the frame. But I'll rethink it and will keep your point in mind for other images. I appreciate the feedback, Alejandro

Frank P
Good series, Alejandro, I enjoyed watching it.

Jack McRitchie
This whole series is great, Alejandro. I look forward to the complete presentation.

Anita Kalinowski
Excellent series! Intimate, simple, sometimes spontaneous moments show through your special use of the lens. I hope you will post the picture with sink and dishes as well. It's very powerful and beautiful.

Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira

Alejandro Keller
Alexis 6 Best view with the other images of the series...

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