Blue Portrait

by Siro Anton Seth

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Category: Portrait

Published: Wednesday 20th of December 2006 01:06:28 AM


marcello rodarte

Jan Piller
Wow! Great portrait!! This guy has tons of character!! You've captured him so well - those eyes go right through you!! Well done!! 7/7

Emrah Icten
very nice photo , well done ! ...

Donn Dobkin
Wow The pale eyes are especially haunting, this is fabulous. 7/7.

Kim Slonaker
Excellent portrait! The eyes captivate you even from the thumbnail and draw you right in.

Ulrika Forsstedt
Great photo! Ulrika

Esther Valentino
Amazing portrait from inwards, every line in place, every shade a world. Reminiscent of a being like Fliegende Hollander but with an intensity not seen before, yet distinguished and poetic like a Tristan and powerful like a Wotan or Siegfried , a larger history reposing in his shoulders. A legend of its own making. My admiration for your senses and talent.

Tiffany Brook
compelling ...fabulous depth and tone. Is he you? Are you he? I know that you have used his likeness before.

SerZ B.

Jesper Bo Jensen
What a great photo!

Natalie Shau
.. i remember this photo :).. i commented on it two years ago. and i said: "i adore your muisc and i adore your art". and i still do. sincerely yours N

Marina Segura
7/7 and more This is a portrait of a very powerfull persone. It remind me the charisma of Dracula, who can order you everything and you will do it! There's a strong inner world behing those eyes! Congrats for this amazing portrait. Regards, Marina.

Sam Canon
without the hair, it resembles Hannibal Lecter a little bit. He has even one eye more open than the other ;) Sam

Kathy Brown
The best in your gallery thus far, I believe. Hard to look away. Kathy

Shenandoah Place
Fantastic.... This portrait is amazing, the mood, the colors, the model. Wow... Keep up the fantastic work.

Finlay Jolliffe

One if not THE best Male portrait I've seen in a long time!

Seth Siro Anton
Blue Portrait thanks

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