The Sky for Sale on eBay

by Kelly Landrum

the sky for sale on ebay seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

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Published: Tuesday 19th of December 2006 10:12:25 AM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Lannie I am smiling as I read this. Had a garage sale a few months back & cleaned out my basement :) It was painful! However, I was not able to part with my Nikon FM & all the accessories. They are tucked safely in a cupboard in our bedroom :) It represents my first serious interest in photography. Bought in 1979 or 80, I think :) Our children were like 3 & 5. I find I relate most of my serious acquisitions in relationship to our kids ages :) A true Mom!

Landrum Kelly
Yes, but in my case it would have been a lot easier if I had decided at the outset precisely what kind of system I wanted to have. I'm not sorry that I learnd about a lot of systems, but it was an expensive lesson! I think that I lost money on most everything I bought and sold, but at least I made it up on volume. "In getting and spending we lay waste our powers." Gear can really get in the way of photography. --Lannie

Michael Chang
I believe the name for people like us is "Accumulator".

Know what you mean, Lannie, and I'm probably much worse than you as far as clutter goes. Came across a humorous remark in a newsgroup: "If I die, I hope my wife doesn't sell my gear at prices I told her I paid." ....

It's certainly a lot of trouble selling on eBay if one considers the unpaid time and effort from start to finish!

Landrum Kelly
Dennis, could I interest you in an inexpensive Toyo 4x5 view camera with all accessories? --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Ah, yes, the Nikon FM. Well, Michael, as you and I know, there is nothing quite like shooting full manual, but don't tell the world. (So why don't we do more of it??) As for clutter, around here it is more like clearing out the living room, den, and bedroom, Michael. It isn't that my stuff was worth so much, or that I have so very much, but simply that too many small items and accessories have been getting to be a problem in terms of keeping order and house-cleaning. Besides, not being a collector myself, I felt that these items should be in the hands of either those who will use them or those who can display them properly, i.e., not on an end table by the sofa. Gosh, it hurts to let some of this stuff go, even though I don't use it. I've got a new wave of smaller things coming up for sale after the holidays. I took the photos yesterday but cannot face posting them and managing more eBay auctions right away. I got rid of the other Nikon bodies this past summer, but the hard part now is getting rid of all the smaller accessories and less marketable items. The present wave of selling ends tomorrow night. Enough selling for now! Merry Christmas to you, too, Michael. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
A time to be ruthless and brutal. . . . So now, Colin, we can more easily document the progress of the disease. . . . My Canon FD stuff is now virtually history, and the Nikon film bodies (except for the FM and a backup N80) went this past summer. Can my MF and LF film cameras be far behind? My move to digital is now almost complete. I find it harder and harder to justify so many unused film cameras and related lenses sitting on the shelf, even though some of the glass will fit digital. Canon FD glass would not fit anything digital I owned, however, and so it was the next to go. . . . This one went for $167.50, a bargain, yes, just like the slightly higher price I paid for it this past spring, but, alas, it was not used once--and it is perfect, but it will not fit anything else but the AE-1, A1, T70, etc., which are next on the chopping block--even my old AE-1 that has been with me (and much used) since 1982. It is the only one for which I have any sentimental bond, and not even it has been used a single time since I bought my first digital camera in 2002. The only new prints I have ever scanned were made with a Nikon N80, the first of which was given to my daughter a year and a half ago, along with my F5. The backup N80 (unused by me) was mailed out today to a guy in Toledo, Ohio. What great equipment it was, I think to myself as I look over the list, but it is or was getting no use, and I am no collector. Thank goodness some of my Nikon manual focus glass will fit my Canon EOS 5D if I shoot in aperture priority exposure mode. I can rationalize keeping it a bit longer--and I do get beautiful results with it, but now EOS lenses are starting to build up. [sigh] I was never acquisitive by nature previously (except for books and language tapes and CDs). Have I become corrupted by photography--or just by the gear? What is it about this stuff that can make one feel that one absolutely has to have it? NAS can be terminal, I am told: --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Pnina. Gosh, if it is daylight in Israel, I really ought to be getting to bed. It has been said that human beings are the only animals that make ends of their means. At first I only wanted to photograph everything in the world. Then came the gear choices. . . . I'm in recovery. . . I think. --Lannie

Dennis Jones
Lannie I still long for a dark room and 4x5 to mess with..... Then I think of the cost! Happy Holidays Lannie.

Michael Chang
Clearing out the garage, Lannie? Nice FM/MD11. Made me take mine out of storage just to admire how well it's built - it was stored next to my F801 that saw one roll of film but is now junk; the AA batteries leaked and the innards are completely fused shut.

Merry Christmas!

Pnina Evental
Welcome to the digtal era Lannie, it needs adjastment yes, but it is worth the way..Yesterday I needed to find 4 of my photos done years ago in the film era( to be printed in a book, a long story) I have boxes FULL with films, what an ordeal.... while my digital work I can find everything in a moment.... I like this image and great title!

Colin Carron
It is a disease for which there is no known cure. Scientists have worked on the problem for decades but instead of finding the answer they came up with the digital camera.

Landrum Kelly
The Sky for Sale on eBay Actually, what is for sale is the Canon FD 200mm f/2.8 under user name landrumkelly on eBay. The lens was sitting on a pillow on a chair on my patio when I shot it with my old Olympus E-20.

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