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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 18th of December 2006 09:43:01 PM


Michael Sebastian
huh? Les, I think I've reconciled myself to the eyes-plus-breasts version! :) She is absolutely amazing. I think the dark shadow behind her and the dark head-swallowing band at the top are unexpected departures from your usual high level of craftsmanship though, John! But never mind. I'll look at any version of her you wish to post! Happy Holidays to you and to all who read this.

Arthur Baas

Michael Meneklis
Bravo John I try to focus one eye in the excellent portrait that you captured and the other to the excellent breast and i am confused. Never mind the problem is mine. No more comments on such a picture. Just bravo John. Michael.

Les Berkley
Very good portrait. I don't mind the merger between the hair and bg because her look is so arresting. Believe it or not, I'd like to see a version where the breasts are not visible! I think the face is the subject, and the nipples take away some emphasis that belongs elsewhere. Excellent makeup btw; it adds a good deal to the extraordinary quality of her face and eyes.

John Peri
Hum, she leaned over, I took the picture ... imagine if I first had to remove the painting off the wall ... :-) You can set up a photo and go for the perfect shot, but sometimes it is better to catch that moment. But I won't argue that it's a terrible shame ... that said, my photos are full of lapses like that, and I try whenever possible not to miss opportunities. There remain nevertheless an untold number of frames in my mind that I didn't take, and I only feel regret.

marsal font
I find this superb. Your pictcures don?t show just nude bodies. You are able to capture some inner esscens that makes them all look so captivating. It seems to be the product of a perfect aknowlegement of what you pretent to capture. All with a perfect tune with the model. I'm yet wandering on how to start bringing a model/friend to a session for some nudes like yours. Thanks for sharing.

Alec Ee
Absolutely gorgeous model John. And you captured her well. Envy you. ;P

John Peri
So Biliana, the photo has it's effect then ... :-)

Salvador Penaloza
Angel ! The picture looks perfect to me and the model looks like an angel, you really have captured the moment, that?s photography the moment. Congratulations, bravo to you and to her !//Spenaloza

Dakota Westin
Inexperience! I am new to photography...my remarks are so naive. Yet there is something to be said for naivety. When I look at this picture I see beauty, elegance, sensuality and just a hint of a mischievous look. The picture invokes a thousand different stories in my mind. I am so captivated by her eyes, the beauty of her breasts and the reddish brown of her wavy hair. Hmmm...I hope that I never loose sight that perfection is in the human created by God and the gift is to capture an image so others may also share the beauty. I have seen so many images of the female form and each one continues to hold me in awe. John...good on you! I aspire to someday share some of God's beauty, through my images, with you. Dakota Westin

Elf Kerben
the look of her eyes are amazing, nice model, compliments carsten

Stephen Solomon
This image exudes fullness. Fullness in the gaze by the model, fullness in the drape of her tresses, fullness in the sag of her breasts, fullness in the wrap of her arms around herself, ... fullness in the filling of the camera's frame. Well done!

John Peri
Informal portrait .

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