Alexis 1

by Keller Alejandro

alexis seeking critique keller alejandro

Gallery: Alexis, the dancer

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Journalism

Published: Monday 18th of December 2006 12:57:25 PM


Alejandro Keller
so you found me :-)

Alejandro Keller
I know, Jack, I know... I am not anymore doing negative scans, and the darkroom work takes much longer for each image. But the thruth is that I have to put myself back to work. Thanks for your comments. It is good to know that you are still visiting from time to time.

Jack McRitchie
Some photos I haven't seen yet, all of them good. But then, I see, another long void. What's up, Alejandro?

Alejandro Keller
Alexis Thanks for looking

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