by Mena-Quintero Federico

bread seeking critique mena quintero federico

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Published: Wednesday 23rd of January 2002 12:30:24 AM


Francisco Solares-Larrave
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 Great shot; in fact, it's a perfect abstract indeed. Neat texture. It made me hungry too!

Simon James
Aesthetics 5, Originality 6 I like it. Probably due to the fact that I recognized it right off the bat. - Interesting.

Dennis Jones
Aesthetics 7, Originality 8 Looks like you can pick the sesame seeds right off the bread.

Marcelo Salup
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 How neat. Brings a new POV to such a commonplace object.

Federico Mena-Quintero
Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate the analysis that users provide.

jim brennan
jimb first glance I thought it looked like bacteria multiplying made me look closer interesting

Federico Mena-Quintero
Bread The macro shot looked to me like something out of a microscope. Is it effective to other people? I would also appreciate comments about the composition.

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