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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 17th of December 2006 05:19:42 PM


Michael Meneklis
A seductive girl on my couch. Lets play some good hit on the stereo, maybe Brams that will make her feel a bit strange with less defence. Bravo John.

Michael Lyons
I can see your point John, for sure---however, I must say that I do like the window sill and the electrical cord being eliminated---the fireplace could return----how's that for compromise? Thanks for the effort---ML

John Peri
We do agree on that... thanks ... And anyway, one of my models who is as clever as she is beautiful just sent me an email telling me always to let my heart and camera guide me, nothing else ... :-)

Mel Dickey
Great mood here John,Beautiful model and pose

John Peri
Well, here it is Michael. It does seem just a little too hygeinic to me .. it's not really what I was after. Mybe the radiator should leave too, but it then will it will just leave a model on a couch which was not at all the idea behind this ...

John Peri
Many thanks for the constructive comment Michael. Undoubtedly you are right. Sometimes I see the details and decide not to touch them, other times I simply don't notice. I agree that the window sill should leave. I did however toy with the idea of removing the other two and decided to leave them. I certainly get your point. To lead to a more perfect picture. But a more perfect picture can also give the impression of being a more studied one, and that is not always my intention. Maybe that's why I leave these things, or maybe I'm just too lazy (though the two obstacles above would take just a couple of minutes). I'll have to figure it out ... :-)

Michael Lyons
Interesting points----and I am relieved that you heard my criticism without feeling the need to defend----I have thought of writing this to you before and didn't want to come off as a know-it-all-- you never know how these things will be received, especially in written comments----as I said to start, I am a big fan of your pictures---these are simply details---ML

John Peri
Indeed, the written word is difficult to control sometimes in just a few lines Michael, you are right. Personally, I love it when someone is very critical, that is precisely why I post my pictures in the first place. What admittedly I do not appreciate, and some people do not have the finesse to understand the difference, is when they are gratuitously rude or when they make personal comments about the models. In the first of these two case it is a just mild irritation, in the second it is inadmissible. I can defend myself or choose to ignore the person if I consider him insignificant, but I cannot do that for my models. Many thanks for your patience, understanding and support. ... and I will try a version of this picture as you suggest. again, thank you.

Alberto Quintal
Great idea of the pose, John, lovely model and great contrast, and thanks for the advise. Best wishes. Alberto

Michael Lyons
John, I am a big fan of your photos--in concept, design, angles, models are great---there is one thing that keeps cropping up as a criticism though--and that is attention to detail--there often seems to be little distracions that take away from otherwise great nudes---here for example the rad and the cord hanging over the rad, the corner of the window sill, and the black and baseboard in the upper left---I think if these things could be eliminated the effect of your photos would be so much better IMHO--ML

Rashard Walls
dark angel? The way the black throw hangs over the couch looks like dark wings.. Or is that just me? This is a gorgeous shot how it is, if anything should be removed it would be the cord, everything else gives an accurate assessment of the environment. As you can see when it was removed, it left a cold, empty space, and made the model look out of place in my opinion. Very creative.

John Peri
A continued study in blue mood and form

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