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Published: Sunday 17th of December 2006 11:46:32 AM


Alberto Conde
I do prefee the B&W version, John. Actually, in B&W I think it's a great nude portrait

John Peri
Thank you Donn, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have just browsed through your portfolio actually,where I discovered some majestic work. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

John Peri
Jack, I'm not sure it conveys quite the same mood, but many thanks.

Jack Floyd
BTW, I got the idea of your original, and rather like it

John Peri
Thank you Paul. Some of the ladies that follow these pages may let us know how they feel about the colour blue in such circumstances. Glad that some of you like it and were able to understand the meaning. The cord, as you rightly point out Paul, is an integral part of it, as is all the other paraphenalia that is left around of course. Thank you.

Paul Sharratt
Winter Blues John -- I like the image as slightly blue. It could be early evening or early morning. Intrigue can be subtle and by influencing the light you have asked us to walk down thought paths that a white "balanced" light would not. I wonder as much about the long cord leaving the frame as I do the fleeting moment of the model before us. I'd like to hear how women perceive the subtle change in light temperature. Thank you for making us think on a sunny winter afternoon here in the states.

Tore Nilsson
I like it she looks cool and self confidante in a relaxed way, but Dave is right something has went wrong in the white balance. You have a magenta cast in the image, its pretty easy to remove I made a quikfix. Try this if you like its an action for white balance if the picture was shoot in jpg. http://www.chainstyle.com/freebies/colorcast_correction.zip Best regards Tore

Derek Moore
6/6 Aren't chefs meant to wear hats in the kitchen?

Jana Vanourkova
Hello John, great setting ! cheers Jana

Alberto Conde
After coming back late to the thread I have to say that I fully agree with the original colour balance and title.

I understand what you mean, John, about intruding into her own world here versus the intimate mood conveyed in the figure portrait. That's why the title works so well.She looks so frail and unprotected!

John Peri
Well Michael, that's exactly what it's all about. Thank you!

Michael Meneklis
I like this mode instead of the normal Kodak instamatic white balance. The blue make her less approachable and the whole pose of her reminds the game of flert. The other approach, with the normal WB, reminds a wife dressed to seduce us when she understands that we have some girlfriend. Well done John. Michael.

John Peri
Hy Tore, thanks for passing by. There is nothing wrong with the original, though I would not choose to post it in this form. I have been toying around with the colour blue lately to convey mood, as you may see in a couple of my recent postings. The title of the picture is in fact "The Blues" .. with the obvious double meaning implied. That being said, one may like it or not like it at all, no problem, thanks for saying so!

Jack Floyd
May I belabor the obvious?

John Peri
Many thanks Alberto. Admittedly, I am rather fascinated by the presence of solitary nude figure in a large open space ... ... there is something very intimate about it and, paradoxically, I find the camera's presence somehow more intrusive than in a close up, much more so as if it shouldn't be there. This adds to a woman's mystic .. if you look at the two photos above, as you say, the bl and wt is a portrait. The colour version above however looks as if she's there alone, wondering what to do with her day ..... again, thank you for opening this debate.

Rob Scott
John, I prefer the B&W. Is she a bit out-o-focus? Also, I'd crop down a bit, as the model seems a bit lost in steep perspective of the left wall. Rob

John Peri
Thank you Robert, I'll try it. No, she's not out of focus. The black and white is around 25% of the full frame.

John Peri
May work also as a black and white, but then the nature of the message changes ..

David McCracken
Colour balance... The black and white works better simply because the colour balance is all over the shop in the colour version. With that in mind all you need to do is work on the verticals. The vertical on the extraction hood is spot on but the vertical on the plinth she is resting against is really off putting.

The trailing electric chord is something that you should have corrected before taking the shot.

The days of snapshots being recognised as art are few and far between.

Mel Dickey
The setting, tint, pose all work well together.Lovely model

Richard R Johnson

John How can we study the blues if she is standing... Rich.. wb2lfy@msn.com

John Peri
The Blues Large busy room with solitary figure ...

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