by Vahrushew Andrey

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Published: Saturday 16th of December 2006 10:36:22 PM


Les Berkley
Ouch! Ouch! Take the picture already. Ow!

Si Cliff
well Im not sure ? its either very nice or very dark and disturbing, very well done though

Scott Cromwell
It's always nice to see something different. I know where Si is coming from. This does give the feeling that she might be dead, since how often do we see a lady in a dress lying on a rocky shore. The only time I've ever seen it is in a murder movie. But since her legs are positioned the way they are, makes me think maybe you weren't going that route. Either way, I really like it. The only nit I have is that horizon. It pulls my eye away from the subject. I think it would be better to crop it off and maybe just a little off the bottom to even it out after the top is gone.

Ashley Stone
I feel this picture symbolizes freedom and innoncence. Very well done!

Anna L
reminds me of some high-class fashion magazine shot, very sleek

Robert McLean
WOW Disturbing probably, remarkable most definitely. The warm softness of the young lady against the cold hard jagged rocks with the addition of golden water is lovely. Great composition!

Andrey Vahrushew

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