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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 16th of December 2006 10:13:24 AM


Ramsey Kunkel
Nice lines and blue works well for me. Great photo

Sweid Sideris
This image is so obvious, so evident that there aren't nothing beyond it. Apparently no mistery here, no subtle luring. No suggested game of sensuality. That was my first thought. After some time my second sight was different. The mistery is in her mind, her desires and in the anonimous lucky man she's waiting for. Passion. Anguish because she's waiting, and he isn't there. Perhaps it wasn't your intention creating this work John, who knows (nobody knows the mind of a talented photographer) but this is my interpretation about this image. Beautiful, anguished, passionate young woman.

John Peri
Very interesting points that you raise, thank you. I think the answer is largely that it is a matter of taste. What I did, right up to the blue, I did on purpose to convey the mood I had in mind. Some may identify with it others not, it may have to do with personal experience and vision in life. All of these, including taste vary, which is an excellent thing. I will not go into the gestural symbolism which is open to interpretation. The colour blue however is easily identifiable by many with a sullen mood and melancholia.

Arash khoshghadam
Thanks Jhon for your thorough clarification. I had it on my mind to interpret the blue as a symbol of the girl's mood, but I hesitated. I can even see an expression of melancholy and remorse on her face which I think can be interpreted in the light of your previous discussion about eroticism. Thanks again.

Michael Meneklis
You are right John this is the real dimension of erotism otherwise we just see meat of a woman in the supermarket. Michael.

Mel Dickey
WOW, Great shot!!

Tanya Truong
Very erotic, very sensual...indeed...

John Peri
Thank you Naomi. I always enjoy such a comment coming from a lady. Thank you Tanya also.

John Harrison
really good shot congrats, love the composition i hope one day i can strive to take pictures that good

Arash khoshghadam
what is puzzling for me is your point of view and the tonality. The white balance is blue. Is there a dimension to that? Is it done on purpose to convey something? You have looked at the subject from above. I can see some geometric shapes most of which are consisted of diagonal lines. The way the model has posed: the position of her head and her hand. Are these all spontaneous and done unthinkingly? I can interpret all these hints, but I am not sure analyzing your image by aesthetic criteria is appropriate. please fill me in.

John Peri
Carlo, it was fun reading your comment, many thanks. Ok, though I declined further up, I will give my view then. I wonder why you didn't see the loneliness at first? The interrogative posture of the hand near the mouth, the flushed cheeks looking away in shyness, the raised blouse and naked lower body, the anticipation of the limbs pressed against the chair .. the sadness of the blue .. the absent lover .. is that not all sensual and erotic .. what are dreams made of then .. hum .... but I do agree with the beautiful, anguished, passionate young women ... :-)

Alec Ee
Seductive, alluring and erotic but defintely not offensive. Cleverly done John.

Nic Bower
nice shot maintaining the angular and geometric shape of the models pubic mound was a nice touch

John Peri
With all respect to some of our friends, eroticism here is usually thought to mean something sensual, suggestive, mysterious and desirable, without the obvious sexual confrontation that is sometimes highlighted elsewhere. No offense to anyone, we largely have our share of faults too!

Conte Oliver
Very good shot. Congrats!

Naomi marie
Very sensual, full of passion, emotion and eroticism, yet done with a tasteful simplicity.

oscar arias
beautifull I am constantly following your work, and this is the first time I see you writing about your feellings and what are you trying to tell us with this particular picture. Very interesting and thanks for sharing.I found nostalgy and with the above comments I realize that the blue tones are giving me that feeling. congratulations again

John Peri
Oscar, thank you very much, but I do frequently enter into the discussion and try to explain my work. Many thanks for visiting again. John

John Peri
Sensuality and erotism .. without the obvious

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