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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 15th of December 2006 02:09:42 PM


Pawel Sawicki
If I was not in CID... a window cleaner be... famous monty python's song. Simplicity of this photo amazes. It's both natural and because of this red stockign abstract, dreamy and a bit absurd. 6/6

John Peri
Tanya, be informed if you come to stay .... !

Tanya Truong
LoL! I think I am a little too old for these...virgorous duties. Perhaps, i can stand at a corner to help you monitor the work ;o). I think lot of people will wish to be your guests this Holiday Season ;o). It's a cute and charming photo.

Peter Meade
John, I'm going to say nothing of Christmas stockings. I think this is a charming and light-hearted capture. Have a great Christmas. P

Tammy V.

Massimo Santoni
Nice idea and realization. I'm planning to employ a house servant. Is she free? :)

anthony boudreau
cool nice shot, and what a way todo house work lol

Tammy V.
I think my husband would LOVE for me to clean the house in this! Fantastic, John. -Tammy

David McCracken
Eye catching bacground... No disrespect to your model John, but the painting in the background is very eye catching.

Jack Floyd
And she does windows , too? What a find!

Al Li
John, this is cute. I have work for her in San Francisco. Alex

John Peri
Believe me Massimo, it is you very quickly that would end up being her servant. Aghh, I said it, now I will get back to discussing photography!

John Peri
Tammy ! Actually Tammy, it's MY home that I had in mind .... ;-)

Michael Meneklis
Excellent shot of the girl next door. Michael.

John Peri
House duties naturally, all guests participate ..

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