by Tsoi Wilson

landform seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 14th of December 2006 02:52:45 AM


Jody Holman Webster
i really like this it speaks to two of my loves, flying, and hawaii... but the apparent hump in the middle keeps it interesting. and the detail of the plants and golden light is wonderful!

Hell-N Samson
Wow ! Amazing picture ! Congrats :)

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson! I love the deliniation of the red. Makes a striking abstract.

alexandra rauh
Those plantation always fascinated me,you make it even more so.Great the lines and the red once as a color contrast.

cyrus K
Wilson, Your colors are super good and your tonal range, fantastic, as usual! Have a happy holiday season my friend, Cheers.

Wilson Tsoi
"Landform" An aerial view of Kauai Coffee planation near Koloa, Kauai. Originally a sugar plantation (McBryde Sugar Company,) Alexander & Baldwin started grown coffee here in 1987 and sugar was completely phased out by 1995.

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