English Professor

by Kelly Landrum

english professor seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: Livingstone College, Beautiful People II

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Published: Wednesday 13th of December 2006 02:31:30 PM


Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Peter and Pnina. Pnina, I love your latest work. Of course, I love all your work. Happy holidays to you as well. --Lannie

Pnina Evental
Very good portrait Lannie,interesting gesture. well exposed and lighted. I'm as well distracted a bit by the upper face, but it is a real good one. Happy holidays Lannie to you and yours.

Landrum Kelly
Good suggestion, Kim. Thanks. --Lannie

Peter van Nugteren
Great shot, wonderful expression! Regards Peter

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Jim. I'll sure take you up on that. This was shot in a gymnasium, by the way, but it looks as big as all outdoors. --Lannie

Jim McConnell
Hi Lannie, Thanks for the comments and ratings, and happy new year to you and yours. This is a very good outdoor portrait, the lighting and exposure is well done. We live only a few miles apart, give me a call or email and I`ll show you around the Spencer museum, I know most of the employees there, they would love to meet you. 336-299-9349

Kim Slonaker
I like her expression - kind of half questioning, half smirking. I'd be tempted to clone out or darken that head in the upper left because it tends to draw my eyes away from the woman up to there. Otherwise, it's nicely framed by the white shirts of the people on either side of her.

Landrum Kelly
English Professor Thanks for your visiting and commenting.


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