Tunnel; looking down a staircase.

by Mena-Quintero Federico

tunnel looking down a staircase seeking critique mena quintero federico

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Published: Monday 21st of January 2002 08:56:07 PM


Don Hauerken
Going down... nicely Federico... I like this image! It keeps the interest, great repetition, lines, depth. And I'm a sucker for spiral staircases! I like the placement of the pit in the lower right third.

Adelio D'Abramo
All of above. Great photo.

Mark Harris
The things that drew me to this image are: 1. The stairwell lead into a dark area, like going to an abbys 2. The steps in the upper left become so abstract being close 3. The repeating elements are placed so well. You are correct that this type of photograph has been done a lot. You did a very nice job.

Federico Mena-Quintero
Thanks for your encouraging comments! It is good to know that one can still make something out of an overused theme.

Antonio Pinter
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 I like it a lot. It would have been even better with a man, alone, walking up or down!

Federico Mena-Quintero
Tunnel; looking down a staircase I hope this turns out not to be yet another "cool spiral staircase shot". I like the way it could mimic a tunnel. On the other hand, if it does turn out to be such a shot, I will not complain and keep practicing :) Comments/suggestions on composition and lighting would be appreciated.

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