by Peri John

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Published: Monday 11th of December 2006 04:12:40 PM


Alberto Quintal
7/7 Excellent, John, lovely girl and excellent photographer. Cheers. Alberto

JF Ochoa
Wow... I have no words!

Giuseppe Circhetta
Newton's style ;-)

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Sensual John, this is another excellent photo, very sensual. I like very much the composition, the light, and the beautiful model. Congratulations. 7/7

Jeff H
John Once again excellent photo. I like the black and white here. I also like the "hidden" sensuality of the pose. You continue to amaze me with the beauty of your models, the subtlety of your poses and the professionalism of your shots. Great work.

Edgar Ovalles
Absolutely Beautiful. I have always admired your work Mr. Peri.

Umair Ghani
magnificent, i must say it again. got me in trance! this particular shot can easily b labelled as icon of modern feminist sensitivity. her apparently satisfied, laid back posture bears some deep urban satire of modern day young woman. docile & yielding she appears, yet her exposed abdomen & raised leg r inviting in a satirical manner. great shot by all respects. regards!

Yuri Bonder

Alon Eshel
What a beauty and the expression is very tempting and inviting . The light is wonderful , Is that a natural light ? sure looks like . Excellent classic photo

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Pure art. Great.

Carlo Ottaviano Casana

Al Li
What a captiviting face. Beautiful composition.

Donn Dobkin
Very seductive, I'm a little distracted by the window behind her head, but love the "look", the pose, everything else, more great work by John!

Pawel Sawicki
A beauty. This what is untold is one of the best feature of your photography. It is very erotic and sensual, although here at first you simple get concentrated on the beautiful portrait.

Domenico Gargarella
Hi John, I can only say I wish to be able to take photos like you! Your photos are so espressive, so full of emotions and make me breathless. I like the pose of the model, definitively very original and she looks very confortable ... you're outstanding!!! thank you for sharing your art together with us! Domenico

Mel Dickey
Great story line, Just returned home from a late evening dinner, relaxed, full of passion, in waiting for her partner. So many thoughts can come to mind here. Great Job by both!!

Gerry Priest
GRRRRReat LEGS. Very Yummy!

John Peri
It's all in the mind Biliana, I hope you will agree that this is the point.

Umair Ghani
10+10 awesome!!! what else!

Philippe Carly
Great pose, great look, great model, great b&w... I only wish the back couch had a bit more detail or were dark "gray / grey " instead of solid black. Minor complain though on anotherwise excellent photo.

Tammy V.
Dearest John, I would venture to guess that she's quite intrigued by you and the lovely words you've said to her. Tastefully done and your model is absolutely captivating. This is probably one of my favorite poses. -Tammy

Michael Meneklis
Sensual, promising and self-secure. Bravo John excellent portrait. Michael.

Massimo Santoni
delicate image of a lovely woman. Best wishes.

Axel Cordes
After a long time I will agian comment - even though repeating - this time I thought a 'Peri' - and this means you have a style which is unique and this makes art. Regards Axel

Domenico Gargarella
I would say everything become explosive into the mind nevertheless it begins from just a few things like the way how she looks at the camera, or the way on how she holds the glass ... :-)

Thomas Collins
And a toast to my favorite photographer!! Great image John!

John Peri
Thank you John. Nice that you noticed that ..

John Staton
Wine needed? Not sure if it was but that glass/hand position is awesome. Between the heels, the wine glass and the slight shine on the front left side of her face helps a touch of depth to the photo...

Sarah Kane
I don't know how I missed this one, but I don't remember seeing it John. She's lovely, simply divine;) ~S~

John Peri
Champagne .

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