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by Siro Anton Seth

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 10th of December 2006 09:19:10 AM


Martina Cross
you produce some spectacular stuff! outstanding!

Rich Hugunine
Disturbing. Evocative. Excellent Technique. 7/7

selim aksan
7/7 No words...An excellent shot of a shot...

Tamás Vízi
Very interesting and original! 5/6

Christopher Falcman
very good work!

Siloto Siloto
Very interesting!

Vladimir Chebakov
Is this Nick Holmes? W.Smerdulak

Alex B
Superb work! Very dramatic effect.

Randy Martin
so sad but so true...this picture look like it took alot of work...very obvious it payed off

Donibane Sanjuan
He is in trouble, in a big one ... but another 7/7 ;-)

Bianca Van Der Werf
Again, very unusual.... Indeed superb! Pffff, I'm looking with my mouth open.. Thanks!

Darren Gorton

This dark and sinister work.. awesome !!!


art,photography and photoshop

Seth Siro Anton
Salvation I thanks

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