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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 9th of December 2006 10:13:19 PM


Michael Lyons
I agree--it would help a little if the background was level-----the model is incredible--ML

Robert Simpson
Like the nude. Don't like the books.

Michael Meneklis
Excellent pose and grey tones. The model is perfect. Bravo John. Mixalis.

Nick thorleyyyy
She is fantastic but the back ground dose not complement i.m.o

John Peri
Thanks everyone. Did look a little strange. I have now corrected the original folllowing your comments. Maybe I should put the corrected version at the top of this page and leave the one you critiqued here .... many thanks for the remarks which allowed me hopefully to improve this photo.

Peter Meade
It's good to see that she's not just a pretty face

C. Daunis
There's a background? :) The verticals left and right of the bookshelf are straight, but the bookshelf is not. Are they leaning toward the weight of beauty?

Mel Dickey
Great shot and pose by a beautiful model

Douglas Keller
6/6 This is nice. I like the symbolism (too): the window illuminating like books can; and the teat succouring like books can. I also like the hand gesturing to caress the books ... cuz we luv 'em ... which is probably better than the more prosaic (I suppose) pose with her reading from an open book (which woulda been interesting, too ... though prosaic, again). Maybe if she had the book opened and upside-down up top her head? Might add another element to an otherwise beautiful effort ... a wee bit o' fun. Well done. *applauds like at a golf game* :-)

John Peri
Figure and books .

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