by Duczynski Maciek

untitled seeking critique duczynski maciek

Gallery: Norway

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Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 8th of December 2006 09:21:49 PM


Mark Blackford
You are one of my favorite photographers on this site. Keep up the great work

Paul M. Woods
Very nice, although the dark slope to the left rather unbalances the picture.

cyrus K
I agree with everthing Mat has already said and more. The only thing that you may want to consider is a color balamce as it seems shifted towards blue a tad or it may just be my monitor. Cheers.

Christopher Harris
Whew! Just beautiful! Another fine contribution. Thanks for continuing to share your wonderful vision of the landscape with all of us, Maciek! Cheers! Chris

Anthony McAvoy
Superb colour and detail throughout.

Dariusz Nowicki
tradycyjnie ...dobre

Gary McGhee
superb. must be viewed full size. i'm jealous.

Tamás Vízi
Superb scenery, megnificent mountains, great colours! Reflections is also superb! 6/6

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Excelente imagen de gran belleza, perfecta luz, color y gran encuadre, magnifica composicion y reflexion, saludos cordiales Maciek.

Agustin David
This is an image that only works, or rather, that works amazingly well in a big size. When I've opened the larger version... wow !!! Very fine classic composition, superb colour, reflections in the water and the two small boats makes me want this picture in my living room. I do really love it... it must be amazing in a big print. My most sincere congratulations Maciek. Best regards. Agustin David.

Wojciech Stawarz
hello, great work, are you lonely_wolf from Obiektywni.pl ??

M Jo
Maciek Duczynski It is a wonderful photo with a nice refelction image. The two boats eliminate dullness and mediocrity.

Dzung Vo
Amazing! Great exposure and beautiful saturation of colours, and the placement of the two boats breaks up the reflections wonderfully! I don't know about the darker mountain on the left, maybe try and crop that out?

Pep Mir
Splendid colours and reflection. Regards.

Mike Stacey
A fine fine landscape. Beautiful and sensitive composition.

Cindy Armanini
Stunning I love the reflection in the water. Beautiful photograph.

David Bradley
Beautiful! Wonderful! The two boats in the foreground make the shot. The buildings near the right side of the waterline detract from the serenity of the shot, but it is still terrific.

Mark Sweeney
A very nice exposure here. You really have mastered the HDR technique with the outdoor/landscape. This is spectacular. Very good. I love the snow capped flat on the right. Looks like it could be a dormant volcano.

Robert Coney
Fabulous image.

Maciek Duczynski
Norway Norway, Hjelle

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