Zs 522

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Fashion

Published: Thursday 7th of December 2006 10:13:17 PM


John Peri
No, sorry, this one is better looking! Anyway, just as long as the neighbour on the second floor doesn't recognize her ... :-)

anthony boudreau
Zs 522 awesome shot , nice work

Yianni Chrysostomidis
She looks like Jennifer Connelly... (the actress from the movie "Requiem for a Dream", http://biografie.leonardo.it/img/bio/j/Jennifer_Connelly.jpg) Great pose!

Billy Syk.
2w-onderful It could be already in a fashion mag! Nice light setup, pro character of model, it only needs the caption of the underwear company! Excellent!

Mel Dickey
Another winner here John. I need to take me a smoke break.Beautiful model as well.

Alon Eshel
This is so beautiful and sensual . The colors tone and posing are amazing

John Peri
Belmondo, Delon ?! ... what about me Richard .. I was there !!

Jeff H
John, You continue to amaze me. Not only do you find beautiful women to remove some or all clothing for a photo op (don't know how you do that...), but you take the most interesting photos I've seen. We can always find more to your photos than a scantily clad or naked woman. Your photos are art. Great work!

Neil Peters
I really like the noir feeling John, it helps the red stand out just enough. For me, the dark hat and hose makes the whole atmosphere complete. Beautiful light.

Alberto Conde
Superb colours, John!

Richard Deng
Now this is different. Strange air of tension with the blue cast, kind of noir-ish. I expect John Paul Belmondo or Alain Delon to show up in this photo.

C. Daunis
Brilliant shot, John. If I didn't see it for myself, I'd have to say NYC did you good :)

John Peri
Thank you for your comments Anthony and the others, she's a wonderful model.

John Peri
Yes, but what happens when her husband finds out that I have been photographing her during her cigarette breaks!

Richard Gale
You could offer him a poster size print in exchange for him not breaking your legs.

Richard Gale
My photography may improve with similar neighbours where is it you live !!!! :-)

Alessio Buratta
nice!!!!!!!!!!! bella composizione photo molto curata nei particolari mi piace bravo.!!! saluto cordiale alex from italy.......ciao.

Massimo Santoni
Nice shot John! Compo, pose and model are great. I like the colors too. Well done!

Marc G.
Yess ! :-) Very nice as well. Colors a bit over-saturated - which isn't needed because all else looks just fine and fun !

John Peri
My neighbour on the second floor I think she's a spy ... :-)

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