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Published: Sunday 3rd of December 2006 12:08:34 PM


Carlos Miguez Macho
Tremendously sexy. You are too prolific and sometimes it is a problem. In this case, the capture is full of force and of attraction. I like the cut arm because it gives dynamism to the photo and supports the cubism of the rectangular bottom. She is fantastic.

Beng J.
Very sexy and very attractive portrait with good eye contact, good lighting and dynamic composition, seductive pose & gesture. Just one question I would like to know what you were thinking while taking the picture : why did you place half of the head in front of the black square background, which makes the hair "sticked" to it and lost form ?.

Alon Eshel
Hooo , So sensual and well composed . Excellent choice of background

John Peri
Oh dear, I sometimes read about all I am supposed to have done which I haven't really! I very rarely pose my subjects and only vaguely tell them where to go, like on the couch, behind the couch, against the wall etc.,. What I do however is to follow them around, ellicit a response and then try to capture those special little moments. The challenge is really focused elsewhere. Had this picture really been planned, and thank you for crediting me with that, I could imagine only with difficulty being able to have her reproduce the expression, the falling dress, not to mention her hair ... grr .. which she did not comb after letting it down (she simply didn't have her comb with her!). By that time, the model would have got bored and looked pretty dull! I hope that answers also the question as to why she is behind the painting, though it does result possibly in making it less predictable! Many thanks for the kind comments and kudos to the model for being so natural and full of life.

John Peri
Alon, thank you once again for your very kind support and encouragment.

Tammy V.
I guess she showed you, didn't she? ;) I love her confidence.

David McCracken
Quoting Edward "unlike many nudes"

Praise indeed! This one has clothes on! You are a magician.

John Peri
Tammy is the one that truly got it once again. It was an act of defiance.

Mel Dickey
WOW, sexy, strong and beautiful

Michael Meneklis
The right moment. Sepia is excellent and her style and face are superb. Bravo John.

Edward Wright
Yes... But it is still a great pose! This is a most interesting photo, and unlike many nudes takes the subject beyond naked and brings out truly sexy by not showing too much. The pose, although obviously posed looks natural and brings out a sexiness in this model that would be easily over looked by showing us a peek at perhaps what we were not supposed to see. It does make us want to see just that much more; or perhaps change position so that we might! Very well done; I like the lighting and the way it accentuates. Perhaps this was done on purpose, perhaps by chance, but everything works in this picture to make the model look even more alluring (and she already is very pretty). My guess is that this is a pretty good definition of an accomplished photographer; Great Picture!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Very nice and tonal effect. Lovely background.

Pawel Sawicki
Good. The graphic composition behind her adds something really nice here. Her look - strong and the dress that uncovers and covers is really sensual here.

Trisha Jean-Angela

Such a strong and confident pose and expression! I love the way the light plays with her shoulder. I have that same satin nightgown! Thank you for sharing. :)

John Peri
Portrait of a young New Yorker ...

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