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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 2nd of December 2006 01:51:49 AM


Tanya Truong
John! i don't think any of my previous "photos with coat" can ever match this one. Well, this photo does intrigue me for new ideas. This is the making of photographs from adventuous souls of both the photographer and the model. My admiration. BTW, did i tell you i love boots and overcoat too ;o)?. I think i have a similiar outfit....

Mel Dickey
The best This is great John, The light is harsh but at the same time it adds to the reality of the shot, Great series and wonderful model.Fantastic pose!

Thomas Collins
John, you are showing us a new side of your adventurous personality! I wish I could see the smile on your face. :-) Thomas

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Lovely.

John Peri
Thanks Beng, that is pretty much what I say also in introduction to my profile page! There are more and I do plan to continue this series in Paris also. Apart from the genius of this model, I have others that are game to try it too.

Mel Dickey
I agree with Jim and look forward to more. Thanks John

Beng J.
This kind of photo awaken everyone's fantasy. Good work John, that you dare to show the hidden fantasy of all mankind. If photographers are voyeurs, then models must be exhibitionists and all of us the viewers maybe both --- but still hidden deep inside, only dare to fantasize.

Jim Hayes
Aha, now you are getting more into MY area of photography. The low light, have to use flash in order to capture your subject shot. Only I tend to do this in club settings. It's not an easy genre to shoot. I have to smile when the critics here at photo.net dismiss it as cell phone-frat-boy photography. At least I assume you didn't use your cell phone. My compliments to you and your subject. As they say in the NY Post. "only in New York kids." Thanks for the share. JH

Bobby Lewis
I love it... Definitely enjoying the work with this model. Great instincts both of you.

John Peri
New York by night continued .... .. a busy street in New York at 10.00 PM

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