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by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Wednesday 29th of November 2006 04:12:06 PM


John Peri
I think that it may have been boring had the blanket covered all the field of view? but the hair colour is indeed a problem with respect to the background .. nevertheless, it draws attention to the triangle formed by the hips.

John Peri
Ha, thanks Carissa. I appreciate both the comments and the personal preferences. Unfortunately she was longer than the blanket though ... :-) In general, I think it's always good to add a little asymmetry also ... one looks less at a photo that is predictable.

Robert Gordon
"asking how I wanted her to pose .. " Often would be a good answer.

Jessica Smith
For clarification, I agree with you regarding the blanket. I don't think it would be as good if it covered the entire field of view. What I envisioned when I commented it was her entire body on the blanket (ie leg) so the white couch provides a natural frame. Even with her leg raised I think it would still have this affect. Just an idea, and also just a personal preference.

Mel Dickey
Classic pose and beautiful model but I would have to agree with the above comment on the blanket, also I feel the contrast is to heavy.

John Peri
Ha, but we have to start somewhere, and it's often a good moment ... :-)

John Peri
Well, you have your choice of lighter parts to cotemplate. I use mostly digital now, as in this shot. The majority of my nude studies, as opposed to glamour shots, are in black and white and I have that in mind and often tell the model so beforehand. There are so many rules, and a multitude of "thirds" to choose from in this shot for those that like them, including the light and dark areas. I think that ultimately, as with most works, it comes down to individual taste. Many thanks for your comment Harvey.

Harvey King
brightness, etc. human eyes tend to get drawn to the brighter part of the picture. In that regard, I think the shortness of the blanket poses a problem, as it draws attention away from the triangular form, no? Do you use film on this picture? or you shot picture digitally and decided that it is better in black-n-white?

Jessica Smith
I like the dark blanket though I think it might have been better if her entire body fit on it.

azer naik
nice shot and beautiful model too

John Peri
Isabelle .. asking how I wanted her to pose ..

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