by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled market light moslem islam rest fisherman canon pow prakarsa rarindra

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Category: Wedding

Published: Tuesday 28th of November 2006 02:32:21 PM


Jana Vanourkova
You create a soft world full of beauty ! cheers Jana

Rasmus Lindersson
Oh so beautiful!

Jitka Unverdorben
very nice picture, g. jitka

M Jo
Wonderful light it is a mavellous light. the couple adds a lively scene.

Boris Pale
Very nice

Stanisa Martinovic
Ut pictura poesis... Vale, S.M.

stephanie ldjs
Oh my gosh! This is the most beautiful photo I've seen on here in a long time. You should get some awesome ratings from this one!

ole mortensen

Jessica Smith
I rarely give out 7's but this one deserves it. A peice of fine art, a symbolic, romantic image.

Maria Conversano
What a magic picture! Wonderful light and composition. Love so much the poetry and the warm sensations inside the image. Congrats! Maria

Olivier Eric Pousaz
Simply superb !

Henri Manguy
Exceptionnal !

Ruud Albers
Really beautiful work, Rarindra! Best regards, Ruud.

Manuel Balea
Absolutly beautiful!!

Eddie K
wow It awoke me.

Albinas Balzekas
I like the composition, great light, well done.

ronald adams
Very good lighting and composition. As with many of your photographs, you overadjust the contrast in your software so that the colours are unreal and the whole impression is 'chocolate-box' as we say. I prefer a more natural look without the sentimental oversaturation.

Biswajit Pandey
Rarindra Sooo...... Beautiful. Regards...

NataLi BurduLi
beautiful and colourful as usual :) great! you are great!

Ge Ma
Preciosa, como todas las tuyas. Creo que deberias poner una foto mala para que pudieramos hacer comentarios un poco mas originales. A mi me llama la atencion especialmente la luz en todas tus imagenes a ver cuando nos explicas el secreto. Saludos:gema.

Andrey Ponomarev
Super! It's wonderful!!!

Brian Taylor
I really like this!

Hekate Hek
a precious gem, like all your images. no words...

David Van Amber
Unquestionable beauty Wow. From time to time I think I am a photographer... Then I see these kind of images and know I would never be able to compete... Lovely

Erin Fleischacker
wow This is amazing. It's so beautiful.

Gabriel Rosales
You do very well Congrats on your capture here. 7/7!

Davide Bernardini
wonderfuls colors and wonderful light

Hendra Sjarief
Great Bagus banget pak, tonenya bagus banget.

fatemeh hendijani
Hi Dear It is so nice, with a nice and warm feeling, lightening and I just can say that I enjoeyd alot

James Mc
Excellent I am just starting in photography and when I see pictures like this it makes me want to get out and find a shot like this. Not knowing all the technical jargon still, I must say this is a great picture, I like the lighting and composition. Have a great day. James

Hal Edmonds
A Masterpiece!!!

Rob Wilson
Simply gorgeous! Rob

Kombizz Kashani
Great compsed image treated with your special technique

Lakshmi Malladi
Absolutely magnificent. The lighting is perfect! This is truly a masterpiece

Primo Uy
authentic piece of art I'm come accrossed your gallery by accidents, was trying to search for a topic about Dramatic effect on photoshop tutorial which i did found a lot of them and ever since i was facinated by thousands of beautiful pictures i found. I considered you as one of my insperations every time i doing a dramatic effect of my pictures.... surprissingly i have some that quite simelar effect but not as good as your yet.... i'll not stopping. I believed you when your saying about the lightning effect on your pictures are real/natural lights... i know because i have it too..... sometimes you just have to enhance it but first you need to capture it with your camera and that how you are good at it by looking for that right moment..... the magic hour! Can i make request.... i really like this photo but can you blend it some more along the area where the lights hit the trees up to where the darker and lighter areas on the road.... mask the trees side and saturate it a little bit til the green colors stand out or gradient map.....just a suggestion. Thanks for sharing your talent and showing how you love your country. Best regards, Primo

Landrum Kelly
In some ways, Rarindra, this is my favorite of all your wonderful photos. --Lannie

Rarindra Prakarsa
I think I love u Taken in Bogor Botanical Garden, West Java. Tank you.

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