"Tug of War"

by Tsoi Wilson

tug of war seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 28th of November 2006 01:21:43 AM


chaitanya thakur
i loved the angle at which you clicked this cable stayed bridge. the colors of the setting sun (?) on the cables against the saturated blue sky look great. good shot! C

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, great perspective, love the sideways light. 6/6

Richard Hans
7/7 UNIQUE!!! love the nice visual angle & perspective, splendid composition, perfect light & shadows play, gorgeous warm tonal, MAGNIFICENT SHOT, Wilson!!! Best regards.

Linda Keagle
Wilson, the last three uploads make a nice tryptich. The purple shadows are so enticing! And I like your perspective...

Leslie Battjes
Wilson, Love the sky, love the colors, love the shadows, but the perspective is what makes this shot so great! It looks like an epee or a syringe pointing at the uprights. Very unique. Leslie

Sarah Underhill
Great perspective! Wonderful color... Maybe snow photos next???

Howard Dion
The art of Tsoism.

cyrus K
Wilson, You always manage to squeeze that extra angle out of your compositions. I hope you have good insurance for those eyes! Good DOF at F8 as well. Regards.

Pnina Evental
Wilson, end of sports images?I like the complexity of the image, the interesting diagonal angle, the light and shadow play ,all pointing to the sky. beautiful a la Wilson!

Colin Carron
Great interpretation of the drama of the structure again. After a few years of designing bridges I got used to 'seeing' the stresses amd loads and the way the bridge worked. Most people see a bridge as something peaceful and elegant so it is great to see structure dramatised like this.

Wilson Tsoi
"Tug of War" Bridging New Westminster and Delta, the Alex Fraser bridge's two main towers play tug-of-war with its many cables on a daily basis.

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