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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 27th of November 2006 11:20:01 PM


David McCracken
A touch unPeriish A little bit 'in your face' by Peri standards but I would have to agree this one is very good!

Bodyline Photos
I like the strong angular form your model has struck. Very nice image John

John Peri
On the contrary, they are cream white and unfortunately they turned out largely yellow green in this picture!

Jarda Balek
Congrats one of the best of yours...

Fernando Yarce
beautiful model...that is all

Jenny Darden
The pose appears awkward. Maybe you can convince her to let you do a reshoot, with a little wine to loosen both of you up. ( :

Gregorio Ochoa

John Peri
Thank you Mel. It is indeed all about the complicity shared and a moment caught in time, that's well put.

Thomas Collins
John, yes I would have to agree with the previous sentiments in that this is one of your best images. Simply wonderful. The diagonal lines of her legs and the simple unobstrusive environment that you have placed her in all make for a photo that I for one will go back and have second and third looks at. Two thumbs up my friend! [added note: I just tried to rate your photo a deserved 7 for the beauty of it, but PN says I can't reciprocate so soon after having received one from you.... I'll just have to remember to come back to this one later!]

Mel Dickey
WOW! John, Well done. A very powerful shot yet done with such class. You have captured the true beauty of the moment and the model.

Mel Dickey
esperimental or not John your lastest works have been thought provoking while still capturing the true beauty of your models and the moments as in the shot above.True wall art

Tanya Truong
Simply erotic and beautiful. You are the master of ...female figures... ;o). Warmly, Tanya.

Jeff H
WOW Yet another beautiful photo from John. The leg does go on forever and there's nothing wrong with that! I love the warm tones she brings out against the backdrop. What a bathroom invite! Great job John!

peter seibel
The tile's came out very white.

M Swift
Good grief, John, where do you find these gorgeous women? I still contend you have some form of magic abilities.

Domenico Gargarella
Hi John, are you in a esperimental phase? That is a bit more stronger than your usual style, is it? Personally I think that's really great!! The position of the foot is genial, as it's exactly the tiny line to make a photo a masterpiece or a too explicit nude picture. as always great! Domenico

Salvador Penaloza
Simply beautiful ! Mr. Peri, thanks for sharing with us this wonderful picture and model. For those who do not believe in "Angels" here is a proof that they exist. Felicidades ,well done BRAVO

Al Li
A John Peri classic. Excellent angle, I love how the leg seem to go on forever. Beautful shot.

John Peri
Thank you Domenico. The photo is suggestive but in reality remains discreet.

Francisco simental
white nice bravo how did you keep your collr focus only on her

Alberto Conde
Love this shot, John. The composition made by her pose is just great, balanced by the vertical of the glass door of the shower.

Kelvin Bernard
Great use of space. Regards.

John Peri
That's an inrteresting observation Kelvin, thank you.

Kelvin Bernard
John... I believed you understood the spirit of my comment, but I will elaborate. I liked how you posed the model to utilise the full length of the bathtub, allowing most of the image to be occupied by her, especially her leg. The diagonal and vertical planes are especially pleasing as well. Regards.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Excellent use of the space with a sensuous but also beautiful pose. Nicely done.

Jonathan Farmer
The body form and daring style of this subject is art. This image is as erotic as it can get without being objectionable. Beautiful model.

Marc G.
Really very good - pose, light, composition, it's all just right.

Stephen Solomon
Well, I admit, there is some point to keeping a tidy bath! One never knows when it may become a backdrop for a photo.

Gord Johnson
What Wow Models Your photography is the best and your choice of models is out of this world, thank you

Raymond Borg
Nice image. Although it's erotic but not vulgar for me. Well done.

John Peri
Isabelle .

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