Main Street Bike Stop

by Norris Glenn

main street bike stop seeking critique norris glenn

Gallery: HDR Chapter One (finished)

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Published: Monday 27th of November 2006 10:33:24 PM


Glenn Norris
Thank you both once again! I am really happy that you can see the amount of work involved - these are very technically demanding shots. I am happy to share with anyone about this process. I also shoot exterior house 'portraits' that are very popular with proud home owners and also with real estate agencies looking to give gifts to new home buyers. The HDR process is an incredible way to capture home details and create a dreamy image that people really seem to love. Just wanted to pass that on to any of my interested fellow photographers looking to make some extra money. Take care.

Jan Piller
Hear hear Tyler! Well said! This is a stunning photo/image/work of art!! Whatever the process, it's obvious it's been meticulously executed by a very talented person! Fantastic composition and colours!

Glenn Norris
Thank you Tyler... this is from my collection of interior hdr images. The 'look' that you see is the effect of toning the lighting universally across the image and also from the extra detail that comes from blending three shots exposed for a broader range of shadow to light. 'Hdr' is getting a lot of bad press these days from purists who don't consider this 'true' photography. I am trying to help people to see that there are certain types of situations that really benefit from hdr - such as these multi-light source interiors - and that hdr is really just a tool for gathering more detail in an image. You can check out my hdr album for more shots of these interiors. Thank you for your interest! Glenn

Tyler Wind
Glenn-I appreciate your response. I'll have to try to find something to read and learn more about HDR. I haven't been in this long but I have to say I know with some of the things that get posted here many people have no business passing judgement on what is or is not "photography." I'm not an "artistic" person by any means--I don't appreciate modern or abstract art or anything like that but as a non-artistic person, I see this shot very much as photography and requiring a lot of thought and skill. I was confused about what you had to done to it because I kept looking at it and it had almost a painting or cartoon tone (I hope that's not an insulting way of putting it) but then I'd look closer and it was a photograph. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I'm not a person who likes a lot of digital manipulations or abstract so I'd say you are far more within the boundaries of "photography" than many of the people on this site! Great work and keep it up!

Tyler Wind
Glenn-This is a really unique and pleasing shot. I like the symmetry of the bikes and also many of the random items in the shot. What did you do to this shot to give it the look it has? Great shot!

Kurt Nielsen
Glenn, I decided to visit your site after seeing that you rated an image that I liked and paused here on your "interior" series because the really are eye-catching. Having read the comments above mine, it is very true that HDR has gotten bad press, not so much for being "not real photography" as much as that it has been very abused. As an experiment, I posted a horrid sunset HDR and have gotten the highest ratings for it as I have for any of my "real" photos. This taught me something...heheh. Anyway, these are not abused. They really have a wonderful feel, much more so than they would otherwise as individual shots with harsh shadows. These are really great. Cheers.

Glenn Norris
Thank you Jo and Gustavo... My challenge with hdr is to develop techniques so that people will start thinking of hdr as a true photograph. If you look at my recent image 'Downstream from the Falls' you will see that my techniques are getting much more refined - the LARGER image is as close to perfect as I dare say but I still cannot stop the thumbnail version from looking so strange... thank you.

Jo Aluf
You have a very good eye for finding right places for HDR. This motorcycles look unbelievabely good in such colours and light.

Gustavo Orensztajn
Glenn, thanks a lot for passing by my portfolio. I see you like HDR images, I try to do some myself but I must say that sometimes the result looks quite unreal. I think try yo keep the balance between the result ans the original is the challenge. I will keep looking at your imges to learn from a HDR expert.

Glenn Norris
Main Street Bike Stop One more from my series of interiors - this time of an antique bike collection... hope you enjoy!

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