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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 27th of November 2006 01:04:13 PM


Rob Wray
John I like it. Rob

Janusz Kwiatkowski
This is so... "John Peri"... Nice one :)

Domenico Gargarella
John, that is simply AWASOME! I really like the pose, the way how the model look at the camera, basically every piece of your composition! Domenico

Thomas Collins
Wow! Great pose, beautiful model. I guess my only nit on this one is the blown out details in the background, but really - who's looking there? ;-) I'm impressed with how your laid out her dress to flow nicely. Yes, you have a winner here John.

John Peri
Good point, thank you.

This is a great image of an amazing young lady. It seems there is a very productive relationship between the model and photographer. I wish there was a PS filter that produced that satisfied, relaxed and appealing expression. (Only Joking) My only critisism is that I find the windows and the cars outside rather distracting. CB

Tomek Gooseberry
why not crop... ...just below the windows? -- I would either show more of them (to contrast inside with outside) or eliminate them completely so they wouldn't distract.

John Peri
Yes, thank you. I already agreed above that something must be done. Too late to add, so will probably involve removal.

John Peri
Thanks Thomas. Yes, I must do something with that background ...

Erdogan Atilla
Dear John Good Shot. Red & Black congruous.

Harvey King
agree with the crop... but what made this photo great is the fact that the model looked very relaxed. Are you going to put out a book or a series of essays on how do you make your subject feel comfortable and relaxed? All the rest, the elongated legs, the black/scarlet color mix wouldn't of mattered if the subject is stiff. you have done it again!

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Excellent work, John - great pose, which really employs the model's lithe figure well and a gorgeous dress - makes for a sumptuous combination!

John Peri
A young graduate in art and theater ..

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