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by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 25th of November 2006 11:57:34 AM


Tammy V.
You must have said something absolutely wonderful to this lovely lady, John. I adore how she's looking at you.

Jack Floyd
BTW, I checked several of your shots and I see the "auto 3/3" guy hits you too..this gets ridiculous I know "originality" can be a little downgraded by us geeks who look at so MANY photos but to give a 3 on aesthetics here, and not just because of the model's beauty, becomes absurd

Francois T
6/6 Fantastic . . . and the photo is not bad either!

John Peri
Actually, I remember her saying "oh you want me to take my top down, well, ok then", but I think that what she was really thinking Tammy is .. you crazy guy! She will read this, so she may correct me on either point .... :-)

John Peri
Jack, thank you. I am delighted every time I get a rating. Whatever the figure, it pushes up a photo on the visibility scale. Someone may legitimately detest this or another picture, but if they do it out of pettiness, then it's counterproductive to their purpose.

Peter Meade
A smile from the girl next door. Charming. P

Len Z
loce that smile ..

John Peri
Jack, next time you walk down the street, don't read your newspaper, look around you ... :-)

Jack Floyd
Peri, if you start back with that "I just met this girl and she volunteered to take her clothes off and let me photograph her" stuff again, I swear I'll find you and ...&#^$?!...augghhh! BTW , cool shot, great composition and expression, your usual high tech skills, NYC has been good to you

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent pose and the smile. Just the eyes . . . My feelings.

Al Li
What a stunning smile from a stunning lady. John, you captured her so very well.

Jack Floyd
BUT I DO! (Who walks down the street reading the paper, must be a Northern thing?)

Jerry K
I think one of the best in your entire collection. I would suggest cropping the bottom portion of the phota just below her elbow to make it absolutely perfect and you (and she) can become world famous. Great. Thanks. Jerry K from Palm Beach

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John, Stunning!! requires no other comment

John Peri
Portrait .

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