in the city

by vonshak merav

in the city seeking critique vonshak merav

Gallery: Montpellier

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 23rd of November 2006 08:09:04 PM


Edward Wright
Nice Try, but too busy It is the bubbles that probably caused you to take this picture, and it is these same bubbles that distract from the picture in the background. My eyes focus onto the bubbles in the foreground (at first) as specs of light glittering in the picture without actually knowing that they are bubbles without carefully looking(because your eyes want to focus on the people). I have tried similar shots at several weddings with children and found it hard to catch the bubbles just right without speeding up the shot and blurring the background forcing the subject to the child blowing the bubbles.

itai vonshak
surreal i love it ...
what makes it so surreal is that you excluded the origin of the bubles leaving it without an explanation

merav vonshak
in the city comments appreciated! merav

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