by Peri John

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Thursday 23rd of November 2006 11:15:10 AM


C. Daunis
This has such delicate sensuality. Her skin tone is beautifully rendered.

Peter Meade
Hello John, although this is a fabulous nude study, the overall image has such style and grace, the nudity is almost immaterial. The gentle lighting reminds me of a Baroque Dutch interior, someone like Pieter de Hooch, or indeed Vermeer. Anyway, this is one of your very best. Regards. Pete

Thomas Collins
Happy Thanksgiving John You keep giving and giving to PN with your special vision. Thank you! I can certainly see why you would have a difficult time in moving onto other models as this one is just gorgeous.

Alon Eshel
A beautiful artistic shape created by her posing . Wonderful

John Peri
Jim, how terribly nice of you, thank you. I really appreciate the understanding of the spirit in which I do and present my work. It is a passion for art, photography and my models, whose unbelievable grace and beauty never cease to astound me. I wish I could only reproduce a fraction of the above in my photos of this model, but her profound inner beauty remains distant and elusive, and one can only capture a glimpse of it at a time. Maybe that is why however many photos I will take of her, I will always remain with the feeling of wanting more. It is the art of the true model that shows everything, yet nothing at all. A very happy Thanksgiving Day to you and all our other friends on PN.

Jim Hayes
I really like all of the background of this one John. It almost makes it appear as an abstract painting with your subject bringing it to life. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, as one of the things I can truly say is, that I am always thankful, when I visit photo.net and see that you have posted new work. I appreciate the fact that you not only share your expertise as an artist, but as a gentleman as well. JH

Ryan Young
Excellent exposure, and delicate, intriguing pose. Well done (as most of your work). I would like to see her left arm perfectly vertical. Also while the couch and painting on the left add, I find the stuff on the right of her distracting. - Ryan

John Peri
Thank you Jeff, I appreciate that.

Jeff H
As Usual... John, As usual you put up a great photo. You take the nude female body and use it on your "canvas" as a piece of art. Never have your photos been perverse, ALWAYS they show the beauty of women. You have a wonderful eye and take such vivid shots. Your models are all beautiful, stunning and wonderfully posed. I can't say any more than...FANTASTIC!

Mel Dickey
Magnificent John, This is a true master piece, the symmetry of the model herself, her pose and the balance with surroundings in your capture is outstanding!!! Where did you find this truly beautiful woman? My applause to the both of you on a extraordinary piece of work.

Robert Gordon
One of your best, John.

John Peri
Nude figure composition the triangle

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