Kudzu, September, 2002

by Kelly Landrum

kudzu september seeking critique kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Tuesday 21st of November 2006 02:57:46 PM


Juan Santana
Beautiful shot! Love it! http://www.photo.net/photos/JuanSant8

Henri Manguy
I can't wait that you request a critique to give you a comment. This is a beautiful landscape and composition and I am certain that it could be a great black & white photo.

J. W. Wall
I really enjoy this image and the green color. Perhaps crop out the left 20 percent or so, which is so dark, so the eye concentrates on all that lushness and the interesting shapes and textures? Anyway, congratulations, well seen.

Landrum Kelly
Ah, yes, Henri! Saving the green channel in monochrome. Yes, I do believe that it works. Thank you. Thanks to the rest of you guys for your comments. --Lannie

Henri Manguy
Landrum, for example see above a black and white version from the green layer. What do you think ?

John Peri
Most often they do it for free Lannie ... and say thank you after .... :-)

John Peri
What gorgeous rich tones and composition. Hum, would also benefit possibly from including something in the foreground. I have always maintained Lannie that we should combine our talents!

Landrum Kelly
John, how much would you have to pay one of your models to wade into that stuff? Thanks for stopping by. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
I'm glad that you two like the shot, but you guys and your models just wade on in there at your own risk. I never cared much for copperheads, which are all over the place down here. Here's a youngster: http://www.snakesandfrogs.com/scra/snakes/images/scopperhead12.jpg Alex, when I consider that the E-20 came out in 2001, I am astonished at what it could (and still can) do. It's on the shelf most of the time now, but it still shoots like a dream when 5 megapixels is enough. --Lannie

Al Li
Wow That Olympus E20 take some really sharp images. Nice color and details. I would not mind taking one of my model to be photographed amongs the leaves.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Jan. It can be amazing stuff indeed. It gets worse than this, sometimes covering old houses and barns entirely. --Lannie

Jan Piller
Wow!! I've heard of this stuff before but never seen an image like this!!! Amazing!!

Jana Vanourkova
Very special place, green hell IMO. Green is a tough colour to get right on a photo, You did well here, Lannie.. cheers Jana

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Jana. I was just looking at your river shot and immediately came to this to find your very welcome comment. I am glad that you like this one. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Henri. I really had not thought about black and white. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Kudzu Thanks for visiting.


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