by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 21st of November 2006 04:45:00 AM


Michael Murphy
Very well done, what a beautiful model with a smile that is simply mesmerizing. This proves that a smile by a nude should not be verboten!

John Peri
yes Michael, thank you ... mesmerizing .. a truly wonderful model, her sincerity and the fun we were having shines through.

Jonathan Charles
Incredibly sexy. Congrats to both. - Jonathan

Sweid Sideris
Clear, spontaneous, sincere smile, best composition of your last trio.

What a beautifoul smile and eyes!!!! Very good the position and the direction of the left arm, who make us look directly to that amazing smile and eyes. Also the right arm it seams it is a prolongation of the place were the model has her head. It is, I think, a picture with a lot of work, studing the best position. Congratulations John !!!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, I agree with all above comments. Very much pleasing and a charming lady. Great smile.

Stephen Geoffrey Clarke
John you have done it again John you have done it again, your photography is always floorless. Best of all you put your models wonderfully at ease; it shows how relaxed they are with you.....keep up the great work....

Sarah Kane
oh John, this one is exquisite, truly beautiufl. Her rich skin tones laced with the subtle color in her curls, such a playful look too... I really like this one! ~sarah p.s. I'll be posting some selfs within a couple weeks

C. Daunis
Mesmerizing was going to be my word! This smile is full of so many possibilities, such a gorgeous image.

Robert Farnham
Another vote for mezmerizing. And well framed to draw the viewer into her face. ...R

Mel Dickey
Pleasing I agree with the comment above.

Pawel Sawicki
Beautiful - sweet smile. Joyful picture.

Dave Gardner
John P, I just like how you bring out the beauty...in the female form....along with the personality. bravo! Dave

John Peri
She smiled discreetly, looked down and said, yep, it's good! Oh come on, it's Christmas now and I can say it ... apparently her mother liked it too ... :-)

Harvey King
stunned that touch of shyness is what made this picture worked... even though the photograph does captured that touch of discomfort in her. What does she think of this photo?

Brendan S
Hi John, Your pictures are the best. This is not a critique, but what is that dark object to the left of the photo? Kindest regards, Brendan

John Peri
Ha Brendan, I'm hopeless, I didn't even notice it. it's the drape hanging over the settee. Whereas it has fitted into the composition in other photos, it does maybe look a little strange here ... :-)

Tore Nilsson
A very beautiful model, she has a sweet smile and it looks as if she thinks it's pretty fun to be a model after all. Nice work. Best regards Tore

John Peri
First informal portrait accepted to try it once .. hence the look of shyness and apprehension

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