ZS 179

by Peri John

zs nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 21st of November 2006 04:18:52 AM


C. Daunis
I love this shot. She did a fabulous job on the pose, did you suggest the knife or was it her idea? I know who I'd like to carve my Thanksgiving turkey!

C. Daunis
John, I don't think so...her eyes betray a very un-mannequinish intensity!

Sweid Sideris
Great expression and body language for an amazing perspective, just one observation, perhaps a bit more sharpened focus on her eyes? or it's just my impression? Anyway, attractive, sexy and suggestive photo.

John Peri
Hy Chris. The knife? I'm used to it when I take my camera out ....! I wonder if she was one of those mannequins we saw ... ?!

anne knes
Fantastic !!!!!!!!!! Hermosa John, realmente original, agresiva, impactante, de verdad me gusta mucho. besos a ti. anne...

Photo Guy
great I like it very much!

Philip Turner
John- Love the image! It is sexy, inviting, yet dangerous and intriguing. You say this is a kitchen! I believe you, yet my first impression was that this was a laboratory of some sort. This kitchen is way too clean and functional appearing to be any kitchen I've ever lived in. I thought how intriguing that someone in a lab has become the subject of scrutiny with the camera rather than some lab specimen or creature! Very effective pose and resulting image.

John Peri
Aha, so you knew her too ....!

John Peri
Ha, there is wine bottle in the back, would be a little strange in a lab! Anyway, as you can see I was nearly the subject of experimentation nevertheless ...

Greg Bulla
Very interesting and different angle here John. I didnt even notice the knife at first. You just need a hint of Thanksgiving somewhere to round it out, but very good as is. GB

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Fine pose and her expression.

Jack Floyd
I think I used to date her mom, the expression and the knife are very familiar

Pawel Sawicki
Original. It is so full of expression. Knife, her look and pose - its both scary and really attractive. Wonderful idea and composition. Great work.

Peter Meade
Hmmm Where's the pet rabbit? I great image, I love it. P

John Peri
That's me Peter ... can't you see the look in her eyes !

taisuke motoyoshi
very attractive! her expression is superb.

Marc G.
Strong expression and hands position...

Leo Baldwin
Wow! Brilliant pose. Excellent model. Petty good lighting. Nice. Evocative.

Javier Diaz
Upss! Dangerous! Her look is really determined.

John Peri
The kitchen ... is the woman's last recluse ..

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