Country Road, Looking North

by Kelly Landrum

country road looking north kelly landrum

Gallery: All of My [Early Digital] Life (2002-)

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Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 03:49:27 PM


Judy R
Studying your portfolio to understand what "blown-out highlights" are. I notice your photos are much more muted, even darker than most of mine, (which is nice and pleasant to the eye), but in this case, I can't tell whether the light comes from sunlight or overcast. Trying to learn here and be true to what I see.

Landrum Kelly
Judy, the light on the road in the distance is a blown highlight. There was some late afternoon sun casting shadows here, but I don't know if there was a haze through which the sun was shining or not. The problem is that I was metering for the overall shot, but the bright spot was a little "hot" by contrast. As for areas that are blown out in photos, it is very hard to get certain types of photos without blowing out (going completely to white and losing all detail) certain areas. This is particularly true of the sky and of things in full sunlight that are of light color. It may also occur when there are spots of brightly lit objects against a background that is dark overall, such as my photo here. Occasionally one sees blown highlights in figure studies as well, wherein the skin goes completely to white due to overexposure. All detail is lost in certain portions of such photos, and the photo might be ruined. Your shot had some of that in the sky (clouds) and water and rocks, as I recall, but it was not bad. It is very hard to avoid that in certain cases, especially with digital cameras, which do not have the dynamic range of film. As for dynamic range, here are a couple of sites: --Lannie

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