Women's Discount Warehouse: No Refunds, No Returns

by Kelly Landrum

womens discount warehouse no refunds returns seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 03:39:20 PM


Jack McRitchie
And bathing caps must be worn at all times in the pool. Great shot.

Landrum Kelly
No rentals, either. . . . My theory, Jack, is that they keep them in aquariums until they are ready to turn them loose. Bring your own net. --Lannie

Wayne Eggleston
Were this a glass tractor-trailer, and the model swimming out from the warehouse...So where is this place?? Just kidding - nice shot Lannie! Wayne

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Wayne. This was shot at the mill at Coolemee, NC, north of Salisbury. Frankly, in spite of my joking, what stopped me and made me shoot this was the total incongruity of it all: advertising by putting a woman in underwear on the side of a truck hurtling down the interstate--although I haven't seen one on the interstate just yet. What's next? Victoria's Secret advertising by tractor trailer? Sunnydale Naturist Resort? The mind boggles. --Lannie

Marc G.
Careful... Somebody's escaping this place...:-) Fun catch.

Landrum Kelly
The one that got away Yep, it was a fun day, Marc, a very laid back Saturday afternoon, in fact. I almost got arrested for trespassing when I walked inside the gate to get this one. A guy next door and sitting right at the gate gave me "permission"--but he worked for someone else (at the adjacent building) and didn't tell me that. Oh, well. . . . --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Women's Discount Warehouse: No Refunds, No Returns I wonder what's behind door number one.


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