She Left Without Even Saying Goodbye, August, 2006

by Kelly Landrum

she left without even saying goodbye august seeking critique kelly landrum

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Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 03:37:32 PM


Landrum Kelly
This and all of the butterfly pictures were shot at high ISO, resulting in a good bit of digital grain. I could have smoothed it out with noise reduction in post processing, but I decided to leave it alone. The butterfly, like the others, was about thirty feet away. No teleconverter was used. It was shot with a a Nikon 600mm f/4 manual focus lens on the Canon 5D using the cheap Chinese adapter, and mounted on a Wimberley gimbal mount. It is a heavy but very good combo, especially for my patio or places near a road where I don't have to pack it and hit the trail. --Lannie

Kay C
I can feel how lightly the butterfly floats in the air. Very beautiful (and sad)!

Tyler Wind
600mm?!?! Wow...that is a LENS! I like this shot...your composition with the butterfly off-center to the right is great and the flowers fill in the left side of the shot. Plus, the green gives a nice backdrop. I like your DOF in this shot as well---very well executed!

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, Kay C and Pnina. I appreciate your comments. --Lannie

Pnina Evental
Lannie, very nice and poetic series. I like your writing as well as all of them, I don't mind the grain in this series, beautiful.

Rosa Maria González de romero
Hermosa .. Lannie, me fascino tu portafolio esta es una maravilla de foto te felicito por tanta sensibilidad y agradezco tus amables comentarios para mi trabajo, saludos desde Mexico.

Landrum Kelly
Ah, Rosa, si yo estuviera en Mexico, entonces sacaria las fotas buenas. . . . Muchisimas gracias mil veces. --Lannie

Pierre Dumas
Nice again! That branch again, too! Try to erase it! It is more difficult on this one to be done, but worth trying! Cheers Landrum! PDE

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Pierre. Cloning the background branches out would be a nightmare. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Michael, I was probably 20-35 feet from this creature, and I had just gotten an old manual focus Nikon 600 f/4 lens--so getting close was not the challenge. The challenge this day was light, which is why I upped the ISO so that I could shoot at a pretty fast shutter speed. Thanks for commenting. --Lannie

Jana Vanourkova
Hello Lannie, What a beauty in Your garden ! ............... thanks for commenting on my desert image. I would not know what saturation and hue that was, as that image is not manipulated at all. cheers Jana

Landrum Kelly
She Left Without Even Saying Goodbye Thanks for viewing.


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