Abandoned House, Erwin Mill Road, Princeton, SC

by Kelly Landrum

abandoned house erwin mill road princeton sc seeking critique kelly landrum

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Category: Architecture

Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 03:08:03 PM


Landrum Kelly
I'm glad that you like the trees, since there was certainly no way to get a shot of the front of this house without getting trees limbs in there somewhere. By the way, this place was a goldmine of potential shots, including the one called "Regress" made of windows in an outbuilding just off to the right, out of view in this picture. "House at Sunset" in this folder gives a very different view of this same old house in late afternoon light. --Lannie

D. Munteanu
Ah, this is where the wind did its magic on that curtain (upper left window). Glad to see the whole cadre lives up to that particular crop. Good choice of tones; compositionally, the trees helps significantly.

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, Sheryl. I rue the day when I will drive by there it won't be there anymore. Perhaps it is not now, for all I know--all the more reason to be out there shooting everything that we love before it is gone. I left that part of the world two years ago. --Lannie

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
beautifully haunting, Landrum... I love the toning... I love the wood trim work below the roof on the porch... I bet it has a beautiful design... I'm sure that spirits still dwell here :-)

Landrum Kelly
Abandoned House, Erwin Mill Road, Princeton, SC Comments are welcome.


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