Hummingbird Moth II, August, 2006

by Kelly Landrum

hummingbird moth ii august kelly landrum

Gallery: North Carolina: My Backyard, Salisbury

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Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 02:43:34 PM


Landrum Kelly
This and all of the butterfly pictures were shot at high ISO, resulting in a good bit of digital grain. I could have smoothed it out with noise reduction in post processing, but I decided to leave it alone. The butterfly, like the others, was about thirty feet away. No teleconverter was used. It was shot with a a Nikon 600mm f/4 manual focus lens on the Canon 5D using the cheap Chinese adapter, and mounted on a Wimberley gimbal mount. It is a heavy but very good combo, especially for my patio or places near a road where I don't have to pack it and hit the trail. --Lannie

James Luna
Great shot. Perhaps you could crop it closer. Good Depth of field

Landrum Kelly
Thanks, James. I will have to find the old file and see what I have left in the way of pixels after I crop away. In addition, I am concerned that, if I crop and then blow it up, I am going to push the limits of blurriness of the moth itself. --Lannie

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