Scout Warily Passing Gizmo

by Kelly Landrum

scout warily passing gizmo kelly landrum

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Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 12:22:11 PM


Landrum Kelly

Bill, if you're still out there, they're all gone now, even the Canadian hemlock which my Dad and I planted in 1987 or 1988.



W J Gibson
warily... I love it

Landrum Kelly
Bill, you should have seen Gizmo the first time Savannah (Black Lab-Golden retriever mix) came bounding through the house as a rather large pup in 1995. (She chased the dog all the way from the dining room back to the front door. Since the dog was cornered, we had to intervene.) Gizmo was born on Memorial Day, 1984, and she had a way of keeping these 1990s interlopers (Scout and Savannah) in their place. (She never had a problem with Honey, who was almost seven years old when she was born.) All of my other pets from this epoch I can account for, but Gizmo got older and weaker and one day just stopped coming to the house. She was nineteen years old at the time of her disappearance. --Lannie

W J Gibson
Shakespeare is very gentle and patient with the kittens....the only moment of "interest" for me is when they get too close to his food bowl. Then I see him wrinkle his nose and bare his teeth. They are too young to know what that means, so I usually scoop up the kitten before it uses up one of its 9.

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