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Published: Sunday 19th of November 2006 11:44:07 AM


Tanya Truong
She's quite a sweetheart. I like the innocence on her face John. Wow! it's rare to see an Asian model on your porfolio, and she is just as gorgeous as others in you porfolio. BTW, i also like the contrast of the walls, and how the model being placed in the middle to soften all anglular lines.

John Peri
A delightful young lady that I met in New York that has never posed before, and that I persuaded would be beautiful in front of the camera. I was not deceived, her innocence, modesty and shyness translated into the most delightful charm.

John Peri
Thank you Tania. She is ...

Harvey King
you did it, again! one of your greatest ability is to make your subject, without any prior experience, trust you and be comfortable with you in an otherwise rather awkward situation. This photo shines because of the innocence and shyness radiant from this young, inexperienced subject. How did you make her feel comfortable at front of camera? I presume she is camera shy at first place, let alone taking her clothes off! Did you instruct her how to pose? Why the subject doesn't look stiff, like most of the subjects who are nervous, inexperience, and clothes-less? You are amazing, John!

John Peri
Oh dear, now that's difficult to answer Harvey and I'm not sure that I could even if I wanted to. How does one put a model at ease, how does one put anyone at ease? Maybe it's just the way you are. No, I did not instruct her, just suggested that she stand against the wall. The pose is difficult for a model because when stepping back one is alone, vulnerable and exposed. But then she handled it so gracefully, maybe that's what makes it an interesting shot. Certainly she is camera shy and had not tried this before. Frankly, I think that she remains astonished that she ever did. We discussed it for a long time, before deciding to take these photos. I've spoken with her though and she is happy with her decision.

Harvey Weinstein
Gorgeous Amazing to think she'd never posed before.. I certainly hope we see more of her. Great work John..

John Peri
From youth to adulthood .

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