Mesa Arch

by Schnepf Zack

mesa arch seeking critique schnepf zack

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Published: Saturday 18th of November 2006 07:50:22 PM


Agustin David
Beautiful, technically superb, very good composition with four different spaces. Colour and DOF amazing. This that kind of images that is opssible to understand in the right way only in a big print... it must be absolutely stunning. Congratulations. Best regards. Agustin David_

Zack Schnepf
3/3 Bandit :( Whoever the 3/3 bandit is, he is a cowardly cheater who only manipulates the system to help him feel better about his lack of self esteem. If someone wants to rate a photo like this a 3, they better have some amazing work of their own to back it up with. For this reason I don't think anyone should be able to rate unless they have a profile showing their work or lack of it, but that's just too fair a system to work I know.

John Graham Inkson
Very stunning. Regards John

Mindaugas Dryza
very good shot! technically perfect!7/6

Anthony Gutowski
Beautiful capture and POV. I love the light that catches the underside of the arch. -Regards Anthony

Stan Adair
WOW!! Amazing shot, perfect light and composition!

Jitka Unverdorben
beauty picture, jitka

Brett Brandon
This photo is top notch. The glow under the arch is great timing. You will notice that any three rating is done anonymously so we can't tell who they are. Join the fight to get rid of all but direct rating. Then you can view their portfolio and judge accordingly. Let the owners of this site know we are fed up with it. Here is a link to a joke picture about the "3" guy. Notice they were afraid to touch it... Keep on shooting and sharing, you are good at it.

Chris Stachura
Don't worry about 3/3 ratings Zack. It happens to many photographers, even excellent, as you. I met with this phenomena when had sent few nice photos that soon received very bad ratings. I think that your photo looks so amazingly, colours are fabulous, rocky formations are very good detailed and sky makes stunning impression. I appreciate your precious work shown on

Kah Kit Yoong
A beautiful shot indeed, very well shot. I don't think it deserves 3/3 but I have seen countless similar shots in terms of framing & lighting so you could hardly rate this high for originality. You shouldn't be surprised, you know there are cowards & idiots in the world.

Pearce Darnell
All I can say is 7/7 .....

Chuck Babbitt
Zack It is a beautiful shot. I disagree with the last critique about originality but I have to agree that I don't like the vinetting effect in the UL. Fantastic exposure and beautiful light. I would be more than proud if this was mine. Regarding the 3's I am completely with you. This site needs to restrict grading to named individuals. I was surprised my last posting didn't get some 3's because it was starting to feel like there was some troll that had it out for me. It really seems like the 3 trolls have gotten much worse in the last couple of months.

Susan Stone
Sublime! You know it's an excellent image, I know it is and so do most of the other good folks here on PN.....but there's always some jerks who just have to shoot down a good composition. And now because of my comment I can pretty well predict I'll get a rash of 3/3's but it just doesn't matter in the long run. This image is the epitome of the stunning and unique beauty that is the Southwest.

Lalit Deshmukh
It's a good shot, even though not original (just onot a very new subject). I particularly don't like the vignetting. The glow on the underside of the rock and composition of the rocks in the foreground and background is good too. The closing in clouds add to the drama. You can report the 3/3 rating as abuse, you may get some help. Good shot again! Regards +Lalit

John Barclay
Bummer Yeah, bummer... :)

regina pagles
One of the most beautiful photos of Mesa Arch that I have ever seen. Makes mine look like crap. You're awesome...keep posting and don't let that 3/3 coward bother you. Regina

Erik Adams
Nice work, Zack. How did you get the glow on the underside of the arch? I see the light coming in from the right, but it's the underside of the arch that's so well illuminated. It helps make the photo. I think we ought to all be debating what really constitutes originality. When someone says this photo isn't original, do they mean that others have taken photos of arches in the desert southwest. That is, it's a familiar subject? If that's the definition of originality, then only astronauts will get original photos. What makes this original for me is that you've captured it in a way that others haven't: the glow under the arch, texture in the sky, and a greater sense of depth, by the inclusion of a foreground object.

Lalit Deshmukh
Erik, I like your points about originality, I meant earlier was "not a new subject".

Michael Moore
How did u manage this shot with nobody else in the scene and their tripods because when i went to mesa arch first light, although the first to arrive, scores of people soon arrived thereafter. Nice shot and lucky to have a nice skyscape.

Zack Schnepf
Mesa Arch We were bummed the light didn't happen at sunrise, but were rewarded for sticking around with this scene.

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